Where will the Presidio programs be located?

The University of Redlands’ Marin campus, located in San Anselmo, CA (Marin County), will be the permanent home of Presidio, along with the San Francisco Theological Seminary, which has operated on that campus since the 1890s. The campus, which is located 15 miles north of San Francisco, has ample classroom and housing facilities to host in-person residencies. The campus also happens to be the original home of Presidio Graduate School’s predecessor institution, World College West.

The main campus of the University of Redlands is located in Southern California, about an hour east of Los Angeles. The main campus is a residential campus with housing for undergraduate students and academic and athletic facilities for undergraduate and graduate students.

The University of Redlands comprises several schools that offer liberal arts and professional education to approximately 3,500 students, including the School of Business & Society where Presidio's programs will be housed. If you have any questions, please email sbspresidio@redlands.edu.

What other programs are located on Redlands’ Marin Campus?

The University of Redlands’ Marin campus also is home to its Graduate School of Theology and the San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS). The Seminary was founded in 1871 and moved to Marin in 1891. This is the result of a partnership that took place in 2019. SFTS also is a founding member of the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. In addition to the theology degrees, spirituality and chaplaincy programs, the University has envisioned offering business degree programs at the Marin campus.

The lovely campus is also host to a community park and theater space, a nonprofit serving people with disabilities, and is a popular option for weddings and other celebrations for the Marin community.

How will the merger affect current Presidio students?

  • Redlands is acting as a steward for the Presidio curriculum and mission, which will continue.
  • Presidio students will continue to follow their program’s curriculum and schedule. The monthly residences will be conducted at the beautiful Marin campus, with its iconic architecture and natural beauty. Student housing during the residences will also be available.
  • Presidians will have access to Redlands' full suite of student support services, including the library, career services, academic advising, and more.
  • We are working towards the partnership being finalized and official as of July 1, 2023. There will be no disruption to Spring 2023 classes for Presidians, and the process for joining the Redlands community in Marin is expected to be seamless.
  • Throughout the coming months, the Presidio community will have opportunities to provide feedback, ask questions, and learn more about Redlands.

Is the Presidio name going away?

The Presidio degree programs will continue with their same names without the term “Graduate School” – future students will, for example, continue to be Presidians. In addition, there will be an organizing body for all Presidio degrees, known as the Presidio Center for Sustainable Solutions at the University of Redlands School of Business & Society.

Which institution will be on the diploma of current Presidio students?

If you are graduating in May/June, you will earn a Presidio diploma. If you are graduating after June 30, 2023. You will earn a University of Redlands diploma with the Presidio Center for Sustainable Solutions name noted on it.

How do I enroll in the Presidio programs at the University of Redlands?

Prospective students interested in the Presidio programs may attend information sessions and reach out to admissions advisors at admissions@presidio.edu or 415-655-8912

Will Presidio alumni now become University of Redlands alumni?

Yes, Presidio alumni will also become part of the University of Redlands alumni community. They will have access to Redlands’ alumni benefits, such as lifelong learning, networking, and wellness activities. In addition, Presidio staff will continue to support alumni engagement in partnership with the PGS Alumni Association and the BGI Community Association.

Why is Presidio seeking an alliance with another institution?

  • The agreement with the University of Redlands is a financial necessity. The alternative to the partnership is the full closure of the school. Across the U.S., many smaller schools (including those much larger than Presidio) are seeking mergers or consolidations to ensure financial viability.
  • Presidio has been independent for less than a decade, and has during that time weathered financial ups and downs. We believe that joining with the University of Redlands is the best way to provide our students with the level of stability and support they deserve.
  • This alliance with the University of Redlands will enhance the educational and student support experience. It also is not possible to provide students with the level of stability and support they deserve without joining with a larger university.

What other partnerships did Presidio explore?

Presidio solicited proposals from numerous institutions, selecting the University of Redlands as the best match for offering its distinguished programs. The board led a confidential and thorough process to carefully select the optimal partner for our community and future.

Town Hall December 1, 2022