Och Tamale Magazine

Summer 2019 Volume 95 Issue 2

History Mystery

Students from the early 1960s are shown on their way to becoming members of the Peace Corps, where Redlands is still making an impact. Do you know any of these students? Do you have stories to share about your service in the Peace Corps?

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In response to our photo from the archives in the Spring 2019 issue

The student standing (fourth from left) is Kim Nelson ’73. The Redlands Walk for Mankind, held in the spring of 1971, was a SPURS and Yeoman [two community-service programs at U of R] fundraising event that raised about $20,000 through pledges per mile. Kim’s father, Darrell Nelson ’50, was the person who recognized Kim. 

—Kim and Rebecca Hathaway Nelson ’73 historymystery_1000x1000.jpg