February 3, 2017

Reflecting on “Uncle Joe” Biden’s legacy

Renee Van Vechten, professor of political science, speaks with Voice of America about former Vice President Joe Biden.

Voice of America recently asked University of Redlands political science Professor Renee Van Vechten to comment on the legacy of outgoing Vice President Joe Biden.

Van Vechten noted Biden’s memorable length of service and good-natured public persona. "He venerates public service and that's an honorable thing to do," said Van Vechten in the Jan. 14, 2017 article. "It feels like a rarity among public servants today."

An expert on California politics and legislative processes, Van Vechten recently published the fourth edition of California Politics: A Primer. The book introduces readers to the inner workings of California government and offers insight into how history, political culture and institutions help shape politics today and in the future.

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