'Out in the Open' celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

The kid-friendly movie will accompany an art show, an art contest and an appearance by the characters in the movie. 

Downtown Redlands will be turned “Inside Out” on Friday, May 20 when the Disney Pixar film is screened in Ed Hales Park and characters from the movie make an appearance beforehand to bring awareness to mental health issues. 

In addition to the movie, “Out in the Open” will feature an art contest, an art exhibit and mental health and wellness resources. It is the second annual community event hosted by the University of Redlands Alliance for Community Transformation and Wellness. 

“‘Out in the Open’ and other community outreach events like it are important for encouraging the community to talk about mental health, an often-neglected area of our lives but an equally important part of our overall health and well-being as our spiritual and physical health,” says Dr. Janee Both Gragg, associate professor in the University’s School of Education Department of Leadership & Counseling.

“Mental Health Awareness Month allows us to pay special attention to this aspect of our lives, moving us away from the stigma and discrimination that has historically shaped and colored these conversations. Now we have to think about how to empower communities to continue these conversations year round and integrate mental health and wellness into every aspect of our lives with pride."