25Live: Student, Faculty, and Staff Events

This page is intended to help students, faculty, staff, and administrators input their events into 25Live. If you need assistance navigating the site, please reach out to Event Services in the Hunsaker University Center or by phone at 909.748.8116.

New to 25Live or need a refresher?

Check out the training video below to learn how to use the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my event not in a confirmed state?

A confirmed state requires a couple of things:

1. Location approval, and
2. Finalized detail approval (diagram and equipment) from the Requestor (if necessary)

Please contact your Planning Coordinator at (909) 748-8116 if all of the above have been completed and you feel like your event should be in a confirmed state.

What if the indoor space I am requesting is blocked by a tree trimming or over-seeding hold?

Event Services can help override a hold when necessary with the knowledge that the outdoor locations that are linked to the indoor space will most likely be under construction.

What if I need a last minute bar?

The ABC requires Harvest Table to request a liquor license at least 30 days prior to an event. Therefore, last-minute bars will not be approved.

How can I check to see if a space is available?

On the 25Live dashboard, type your preferred location into the Quick Search “Locations” box, then click on “Availability” and change the date to your desired date to show the calendar and availability.

Can I still have an event even if I am within the seven day restriction?

Yes, as long as there is no setup or equipment needed, but you will need to contact a Planning Coordinator at (909) 748-8116 to add it to 25Live with you.

Can I make changes to an event (date, location, time) that has already been submitted in 25Live?

Once an event has been inputted into 25Live, only the Event Services Team can make adjustments. Please contact your Planning Coordinator at (909) 748-8116 for help.

Can I change the number of people at my event?

Expected attendance can change as long as the number is equal to or less than the enforced fire code for the location. To make these updates, please contact your Planning Coordinator at (909) 748-8116.

Can I add food to my event?

Yes. Please contact your Planning Coordinator and Harvest Table so they can make the proper additions to your reservation. Harvest Table can be reached at (909) 748-8959.

Can I add or remove seating at the last minute?

We will do what we can to add or remove last-minute seating adjustments, but please attempt to have your final numbers to Event Services at least 3 days before your event. You can reach us at (909) 748-8116.

Can I add audiovisual equipment within the seven day restriction?

Please work directly with Media Services at (909) 748-8299 to add last-minute equipment.

How can I find out who my Planning Coordinator is?

Once your location has been assigned, your Planning Coordinator will appear as the Scheduler in the 25Live reservation.

How do I know if I already put my event in?

On the 25Live dashboard, type the title of your event into the Quick Search “Events” box and all events with similar names will appear.

What if I want banners/marketing equipment at my event?

Please put your request in the Event Services Requirements section when you enter your event into 25Live. Be clear on which banners you are requesting, or contact your Planning Coordinator at (909) 748-8116 to help add this to your reservation.