University of Redlands Social Media Community Standards

University of Redlands welcomes written contributions on its official social media networking sites. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and respectful community. By interacting with the University of Redlands through social media, you agree to abide by the social networking sites policies/terms and conditions/rights and responsibilities (please see links at the end of this section).

University of Redlands is not responsible for comments posted on its platforms by users, and reserves the right to remove any user-generated content for any reason. This includes: comments, links, images/videos that are found obscene, profane, or hateful; posts that may be offensive to other community members; comments that threaten any person, organization, or company; comments that defame or harass an individual; spam or repeated off-topic posts by the same person; solicitation or advertisements; any content/dialogue that encourage illegal activity; any materials that infringe upon the rights of a third party; confidential or private information that is not your own.

University of Redlands reserves the right to block users who violate the above terms. Users of the University of Redlands social media platforms take personal responsibility for the content of any website linked to its page. Comments made on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the University or community as a whole.

Affiliates of the University of Redlands (e.g. faculty, administrators, employees, students, alumni) are asked to embrace the following University policies: Code of Ethics and Business Practices, Student Code of Conduct, University of Redlands Privacy Policy, Policy for the Responsible Use of Information Technology, Conflict of Interest, and Intellectual Property.

Cyberbullying, cyber-harassment, and cyberstalking are not tolerated. They are crimes that can have legal consequences.

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