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Powering a renewable future

A two-phase project that will usher the University of Redlands campus into the age of clean energy was announced April 15.

The project will include the installation of solar canopies in two parking lot locations — phase one in the east lot near the corner of Grove Street and Colton Avenue, and phase two in the Armacost Library parking lot. The project also includes the addition of EV chargers in both lots, new asphalt, and replacing all light fixtures with LED lights.

“The University is solidly committed to investing in clean energy, and today's kickoff is exciting evidence of that commitment,” President Krista Newkirk said at the announcement event. “Launching our solar energy project is not only the right thing to do for our environment, it will also have a direct and positive impact on our operations.”

Project partner McKinstry, an industry leader in solar energy design and construction, plans to break ground on phase one this summer and estimates full project completion in May 2025.

“This solar project, along with the significant energy efficiency investments that we're making in our buildings, will reduce our energy consumption on campus and increase our ability to generate our own power using clean, affordable solar energy,” U of R trustee and president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, Kelsey Gormley ’07 said.

Led by the University's capital projects and central utility teams, the endeavor aims to give back to the Bulldog community. By moving towards greater sustainability and lower utility costs, U of R could see additional funding for academic programs, student services, facilities, and stabilized tuition costs.