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Heading to college? Here’s why high school seniors should consider early action application

The two different pathways for early college application— Early Decision and Early Action — are offered by about 450 colleges in the nation, and few offer both. At the University of Redlands, for example, we offer prospective students the option to apply Early Action, receive on-the-spot admission through our Discover Redlands event, or apply regular decision.  

The Difference Between Early Action and Early Decision 

While similar in nature, Early Action and Early Decision plans have one major difference: Early Decision plans are part of a binding agreement. If a student applies to a university Early Decision and is accepted, they are required to attend that university and withdraw all other applications.  

Alternatively, Early Action is not binding, which allows students to apply early without committing to a single university before having the opportunity to review all admissions offers. However, it is important to note that some universities may restrict applicants on the number of Early Action applications they can send out, encouraging them to only apply early to their first-choice university. 

Applying Early to U of R 

At Redlands, the Early Action application is nonbinding. The application and all supporting materials are due for submission by November 15 through the Common App. Once submitted, our admissions counselors will prioritize the review of the Early Action application and send out admissions offers by January or February, ahead of regular decision offers.  

A special opportunity at U of R that expedites the Early Action admissions process is on-the-spot admissions available at the Discover Redlands event November 11.  Students who submit their Common App, the school report, and official high school transcripts by November 3, (teacher recommendations can be submitted after the event) will have their applications reviewed by U of R admissions counselors who will provide students with an admission decision in person at the event 

Benefits of Early Action 

Students who have a first-choice college may benefit from applying early. Some colleges have higher acceptance rates during early admission, as a smaller pool of applications allows students to stand out. Some additional benefits may include priority status in housing and roommate selection and opportunities for additional scholarships. Most importantly, by submitting an early application, students can expedite their college decisions.  

Discover Redlands 

Discover Redlands welcomes prospective students and their families to enjoy a tour of our beautiful main Redlands campus, experience the Bulldog community, engage with faculty, meet our live Bulldog mascot, George, and connect with admissions counselors for on-the-spot admission. To be eligible for this opportunity, students must submit the Common App by November 3 and RSVP to the event, here 

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