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Lessons learned

"I’ve learned what it means to be a team player and fight for something bigger than myself," says Hunter Olivier '20 (right). (Photo by Rachel Roche)

We ask student-athletes: “What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from playing sports?”

“The best lesson I learned as a college athlete is how important it is to stay positive. Volleyball—and life in general—is a new adventure every day. Some of those days are not the best. A positive mindset is such a valuable quality to help keep everyone’s spirits high and to maintain a strong love for the game.”
Ally Busch ’21, women’s volleyball

“As a student-athlete, I learned to cope with the stress of managing my time on and off the track. I had a very demanding major [biology], had vigorous practices six days a week, and was part of a sorority. Being a leader and role model in my sport helped me develop my capabilities in time management, communication, and motivation. I know I’ll continue to use these skills in my future endeavors.”
Jessica Fields ’20, track and field

“The most important lesson I have learned since coming to the U of R for soccer would be to strike with conviction. I have been taught many skills on the pitch, such as strategy, positioning, and teamwork; all of these are important, but you only really succeed by giving 110 percent, with the conviction that you can be the best. At U of R, I learned so many lessons that transition effortlessly off the field; I am so happy to bring those skills into the next chapter in my life.”
Collin ChubbFertal ’21, men’s soccer

“Being an athlete is truly a gift: the early morning practices, the late-night bus rides, the times when you are on the top of the podium, and times when you are at the bottom. Don’t take for granted the moments you spend improving and building relationships with your teammates, as they can be stripped from you in an instant. I have learned to cherish every single moment.”
Tucker Cargile ’21, men’s cross country

“When I go to practice, I always remember that I’m participating in something bigger than myself. Through all the effort, early workouts, and competitive meets as a Bulldog athlete, I have learned the lifelong values of passion and discipline. All these attributes motivate me to be my best self in sport and in life.”
Isabella Glenn ’22, women’s cross country

“Football is a very demanding sport, mentally and physically. Mental toughness and extreme desire inevitably lead to wins, on the football field and in life.”
Mason Carvalho ’23, football

“Being a good role model for your peers is everything on a team. It is important to train hard and focus on your skills and abilities, but when you’re able to lift others with you as you grow, that’s what makes a good teammate.”
Bradley Cummins ’20, men’s tennis

“The most integral lesson I’ve learned from playing sports is perseverance. I began playing water polo at 13 and always wanted to give up because I never saw a future in myself. However, going to practice and games consistently for five-plus years helped me develop into the player I am now and created a tremendous love and passion for the sport. I apply this lesson academically as well, and it has undoubtedly shaped the person I am today.”
Brandon Khalil ’23, men’s water polo

“As team captain the past two years, I grew a lot in understanding that not everyone comes from the same background. This lesson goes beyond sports, and it helped me mature and develop relationships among people who don’t think the same way I do.”
Cassandra Lacey ’20, women’s basketball

“It’s important to have people who help you get to your full potential. Whether it is coaches or teammates, the bond that you make on a team is unlike any other. When that’s the case, you want to be successful not only for yourself, but also for those people who helped you get to where you are.”
Cameron Kundig ’22, baseball

“Failure is a pathway to success; while scary, it is also how you learn and get better. Softball at the University of Redlands contributed to this lesson by encouraging failure in practice, with the idea that it will show what you need to work on and different ways to improve your game. As a Bulldog, I learned that failure is not bad; it is simply a lesson learned.”
Jaci Sanchez ’20, softball

“Playing at the U of R has taught me the true meaning of commitment. Being committed has taught me to push myself and my teammates to better prepare us for games and specific matchups. I’ve learned what it means to be a team player and fight for something bigger than myself.”
Hunter Olivier ’20, women’s water polo


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