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Promoting student wellness

At the Involvement Fair Jan. 14, Peer Wellness Educator Emily Meyer '20 (left) and Graduate Assistant Paloma Hinojosa '20 raise student awareness about the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing’s LiveWell campaign.

What’s new from the University of Redlands Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing?

A year ago, this division of Student Affairs hired me as its first prevention education coordinator to help meet students’ needs for wellness education and programming on the main Redlands campus. The last year has been a busy one, as I formed a student group, launched a wellness campaign, and developed new ways to promote student wellbeing.

Here are some of the programs in store for the spring semester!

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is a free service for all Redlands campus graduate and undergraduate students. The goal is to enhance holistic wellness and performance through empowering conversations that identify individual strengths and build sustainable goals. Areas of focus can include:

  • Stress management
  • Situational difficulty
  • Managing transitions
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Improving social relationships
  • Time management
  • Positive lifestyle changes related to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, etc.

Students can book wellness coaching at https://thrivecoaching.simplybook.me/v2/

Five Essentials for Wellness

Our wellness campaign, Five Essentials for Wellness, has no long lists, no complicated diagrams—just five things to try and get a little more of. Each month this semester will be focused on another essential.

January’s essential is “discover”! Students are encouraged to seek opportunities that excite, absorb, and fulfill them. Experiences outside of their routine or comfort zone can expand and diversify interests, broaden perspectives, and deepen feelings of joy and happiness. When we are fully immersed in something we enjoy and that challenges us, time slips away and we find ourselves in a state of “flow.” This month’s theme encourages students to pick up a book, attend a speaker on campus, or simply choose different and challenging experiences.

In addition, students can register for the FREE Radical Compassion Challenge to participate in teaching sessions and guided meditations, complete daily compassion-in-action assignments, and hear interviews from thought leaders and visionaries in the fields of mindfulness and compassion.

LiveWell Bulldog Instagram

Students can also follow along on our Instagram channel, @livewell_bulldogs, to learn about the other essentials for wellness, events happening across campus, and activities the Peer Wellness Educators are up to!

Contact jared_rodrigues@redlands.edu if you would like to be part of the “LiveWell” movement from the Office of Community Standards and Wellbeing

Or learn more about the student experience at the University of Redlands.