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Sweet options for your sweet tooth

Redlands bakeries offer a variety of options. (Photo by Kristyn Paez ’19)

By now you are probably aware that Redlands is full of hidden gems, and its bakeries are no exception. After inquiries from students and parents on where to find treats to satisfy a sweet tooth, I set out to visit popular bakeries in Redlands to identify their hot ticket items. Whether you are a student who needs a stress reliever during mid-terms week, a parent looking to surprise a child on a special occasion, and/or someone with dietary restrictions, there’s something for everyone.

Bricks and Birch
101 Cajon St, Redlands

Bricks and Birch has a large selection of sweet treats—and is a fully functioning pizza shop! So, whether you are looking for an eatery or someplace to get a quick dessert, Bricks and Birch has you covered. Of Bricks and Birch’s ever-popular scones, strawberry is in high demand.

Carolyn’s Café
1150 Brookside Ave, Redlands

Carolyn’s Café is one of the busiest breakfast places in town. Its most popular dish, coffee cake, is served hot with a hefty scoop of butter on top. If you aren’t ready to wait for a seat, you can always order a slice (or a couple) to go.

Martha Greens
107 E Citrus Ave, Redlands

Martha Greens is a Redlands classic. Known for its breakfasts, it also has a bakery section called Dough Lectibles. From fresh-baked bread to endless sweet treats, items include  popular Swedish oatmeal cookies, topped with powdered sugar and almonds. If you are looking to celebrate a birthday, Dough Lectibles has an entire counter dedicated to cakes.

Muffin Top
233 E State St, Redlands

Muffin Top is the best friend of anyone with dietary restrictions! “Sugar-free,” “gluten-free,” and “vegan” are all labels in the display cases. The most popular item is the cinnamon roll, which is vegan-friendly.

Olive Market
530 W Olive Ave, Redlands

Olive Market is not only a charming spot to work on homework or take a break from campus for a few hours, but also the source of an impressive selection of baked goods. One of the most coveted items offered is the blueberry scone, which is large and drizzled in icing. There are also options for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Cupcakes call from a Sugar Bee Café & Bake Shop display. (Photo by Kristyn Paez ’19)

Sugar Bee Café & Bake Shop
5 E Citrus Ave #105, Redlands

If you are looking to get a cake for a special event, you might want to check out Sugar Bee, which focuses on custom cakes of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for something a little smaller, the cupcakes don’t disappoint either!


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