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New faculty fellows strengthen ‘career ecosystem’

In a new program, the Office of Career and Professional Development celebrates faculty fellows who have helped College of Arts and Sciences students unlock post-graduate opportunities. Munro Galloway, Renée Van Vechten, Mara Winick, Ben Aronson, and Julie Townsend (left to right) make up the program's first cohort. (Photo by Coco McKown '04, '10)

On September 19, University of Redlands faculty members, administrators, and staff gathered to celebrate the first cohort of a new career faculty fellows program, launched by the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD) in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean’s Office. The event recognized five student-nominated faculty fellows—Professors Ben Aronson, Munro Galloway, Julie Townsend, Renée Van Vechten, and Mara Winick—for helping students open doors to graduate school, career paths, and other professional opportunities.

“These faculty members are really helping prepare students to engage in conversations that will shape their futures,” said OCPD Executive Director Kelly Dries.

During the coming year, the fellows will meet monthly with OCPD staff, integrate career concepts into their curricula, and identify additional areas on campus where career and professional support could benefit students. Dries said she hopes the program will encourage what she calls a “career ecosystem,” in which everybody joins in the effort to help students be prepared and have a plan when they leave the University, whatever that might look like for each individual.

In his remarks at the event, CAS Dean Kendrick Brown, added, “During every Q&A session with parents, I am always asked about what the University is doing to prepare students for career and life after college. That tells me how important this is. It behooves us to pay attention to the link between what we teach and where our students might want to go after they graduate.”

As each faculty fellow was announced, Dries and Director of CAS Pathways Sara Falkenstein read remarks from students who had nominated them. According to the students:

  • Aronson, a professor of biology, advises pre-med students, makes himself available to talk, and informs students about career paths in medicine and public health.

  • Van Vechten, a professor of political science, is a caring and helpful student advisor with the ability to deliver gripping lectures on political science while still remaining impartial.

  • Galloway, a professor of art, gives students insightful feedback on their work, delivers presentations about careers for artists, and teaches students how to write artist statements and curricula vitae in order to prepare for graduate school.

  • Winick, a professor of business administration, shares her knowledge of resumes, graduate programs, and jobs in addition to introducing students to professions in the nonprofit sector.

  • Townsend, director of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, provides care and persistence in opening doors for Johnston students while encouraging them to set goals and achieve them.

In addition to the faculty fellows, Office of Career and Professional Development Directors Courtney Carter and Lauren Wooster acknowledged Professors Joanna Bieri (math), Shellie Zias-Roe (environmental studies), Wendy McIntyre (environmental studies), Wes Bernardini (sociology and anthropology), Jack Osborn (global business), and Greg Thorson (political science) for being faculty champions who have helped students with career and professional development.

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