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A shared purpose for educating both head and heart

People gather to celebrate the new U of R Marin campus, home of the San Francisco Theological Seminary. (Photo by Cali Godley)

Alumni and friends of the University of Redlands visited its new Northern California campus in San Anselmo on September 7. Now part of the U of R’s new Graduate School of Theology, the San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS) has joined U of R’s other programs in shared purpose.

Faculty, students, and staff welcomed their guests in tours, a labyrinth walk, and seminars on spirituality, business, and educational justice. The extensive campus—like an oasis in the midst of the urban San Francisco Bay Area—impressed guests with the variety of its facilities and other useful spaces. Already the U of R’s Chapel Singers are planning to use the Marin campus as a base from which to give concerts in the surrounding area during the upcoming May Term. And U of R's School of Education and School of Business are launching degree programs there in January.

Introduced by the University’s provost, Kathy Ogren, the deans of the University outlined their programs, with an emphasis on community involvement and service—values the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and School of Education shared with the programs recently incorporated into the new Graduate School of Theology. 

Following the panel of deans, I shared my appreciation for the renewal of the religious heritage of the U of R offered by the new graduate program. In ways creatively relevant to today’s world, that common heritage of theological school and university will enrich the lives of many people.  

Founded in 1871 and 1907, SFTS and the U of R were both established by churches—Presbyterians and Baptists, respectively. In one of the chapels of the San Anselmo campus, there is even the burial place of a benefactor—a feature of the school that the U of R does not share. (The fact that Milo C. Treat was the donor of the Memorial Chapel at Redlands was, in fact, a closely held secret until a few years ago.) 

The newly expanded university is committed to a type of education that the former dean of the Episcopal Grace Cathedral, Alan Jones, has described as nurturing one’s spirit without checking one’s mind at the door. That has been the University of Redlands’ mission since it stated early in its history that its purpose was to educate both “heart” and “head.” It is central to the theological school, as well. 

I am delighted I could share in the gathering at the University’s Northern California campus. I hope many other friends of the University will be able to visit San Anselmo and partake in the variety of educational opportunities available there and facilitated for the surrounding area.


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