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We asked, ‘Why Redlands?’

Community assistants and parents help students move into their residence halls. (Photo by Coco McKown '04, '10)

On August 28, the residence halls that house first-year students were bustling with excitement. Parents and students lugged boxes and bags into their assigned rooms, orientation leaders answered questions, and community assistants roamed the hallways. I headed to Williams and East Halls, which are home to more than a third of the University’s first-year students, to talk to members of the Class of 2023 and ask, “Why did you choose the University of Redlands?”

Here are some of their answers:

Maddie Thomas smiles in her East Hall double. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose the U of R because it felt most like home when I came to visit.”
—Maddie Thomas of San Antonio, Texas

Sam Zatz-Watkins (left) and Michael James take a break from unpacking their belongings. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“Two reasons: 1) because of scholarship, and 2) because I thought it would be nice to go to a smaller school where I would have more interaction with professors.”
—Sam Zatz-Watkins of Davis, California
“I chose the U of R because it had the major I was looking for and the ability to study abroad.”
—Michael James of Firestone, Colorado

Rachel Mcclure (left) and Alexis Campos pose in their Williams Hall double. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose Redlands because I love the softball program here.”
—Rachel Mcclure of Benicia, California
“I fell in love with the community.”
—Alexis Campos of Orange County, California

Isaac Dogbegah (left) and Andrew Barillas settle into their Williams Hall double. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose the U of R because my brother goes here and he told me all about the great professors. He said that most of them have doctoral degrees and choose to teach here because of their interactions with students.” 
—Isaac Dogbegah of Switzerland
“I felt like I could get better educational opportunities at a smaller school.”
—Andrew Barillas of Eastvale, California

Arianna Quiroz was ready with twinkle lights and color-coordinated bedding for her room. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose the University of Redlands because I’ve always liked the campus and the people here—they used to come to my school for visits. Everything just fell into place.”
—Ariana Quiroz of Fontana, California

Justin Bonilla (left) and Alex Gonzalez get to know each other in their East Hall double. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose the U of R because I like that it’s a smaller school where I can be one-on-one with my teachers.”
—Justin Bonilla of Poway, California
“It’s a great atmosphere to be in. When I came to Summer BRIDGE, it was like a little test to see how I would like it, and it ended up being a really friendly environment.”
—Alex Gonzalez of Coachella, California

Blake Eddow (left) and Scott Shim arrive at Redlands from Corona, California. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose the U of R because of the educational opportunities that were offered here, and my swim coach went here and he convinced me.”
—Blake Eddow of Corona, California
“I want to be a teacher, so I’m interested in their education program. It seems like it will get me where I want to go.”
—Scott Shim of Corona, California

Jack Forsythe (left) and Kameron Kull spend time in their East Hall triple before heading to lunch. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“There’s a really nice, quiet vibe that I really love.”
—Jack Forsythe of Orange County, California
“Football was one reason, and it’s California.”
—Kameron Kull of Evanston, Illinois

Grace Beatty, Sarah Allah, Julia Fernandez, and Amanda Fernandez (left to right) bond in Beatty's Williams Hall single. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“Financial aid.”
—Grace Beatty, Julia Fernandez, Sarah Allah, Amanda Fernandez of Upland, California

Emma Beaver (left) and Armani Pallais pose in their East Hall triple. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose Redlands because I’m going to play lacrosse here, and my oldest sister went here, so it’s kind of in the family.”
—Emma Beaver of Bend, Oregon
“I chose to come here because it’s not too far from home and they gave me a lot of financial aid.”
—Armani Pallais of San Jose, California

Cate Pal-Freeman arrives at Redlands from San Antonio, Texas. (Photo by Emily Tucker)
“I chose the U of R because it had a personalized feeling and it truly does feel like a community that I wanted to be a part of.”
—Cate Pal-Freeman of San Antonio, Texas

In addition to Williams and East Halls, housing options for first-year students at the University of Redlands include: Fairmont Hall, a community focusing on social justice and service; the Johnston Complex, where students are dedicated to facilitating their own learning environment and making decisions by consensus; Melrose Hall, a group of students who have opted to live in an environment with extended quiet hours; Merriam Hall, an environmentally conscious community that combines sustainable practices with outdoor appreciation; and North Hall, where students focus on knowledge and citizenship in the global environment.

Move-in marks the beginning of New Student Orientation, where first-year students register for classes, meet their classmates, and are invited to attend an array of events. Welcome, Class of 2023!