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Our House: University community recognizes faculty, staff scholarship

On May 10, University of Redlands faculty, staff, and administrators gathered in the Armacost Library for the sixth annual Our House event, a celebration of the research and creative endeavors of faculty and staff. 

Faculty members from across the University presented their work in fields including finance, psychology, music, education, and religion. A booklet also listed faculty achievements, from journal articles to books to compositions, performances, and exhibitions. 

“This is a great opportunity to celebrate one of the most important qualities that faculty bring to a campus,” said University Provost Kathy Ogren, welcoming the audience. “As experts in their fields of study, they legitimate what we do as a university.” 

The name for the event and publication was inspired by Professor Art Svenson’s speech titled “Our House” at the 2013  inauguration ceremony for President Ralph W. Kuncl. 

“U of R professors have spent a lifetime learning their disciplines, a lifetime sharing what they know with our students in a way that inspires and lasts,” Svenson said at the Our House event. “That we now set aside an afternoon once a year to share and celebrate the fruits of faculty labor and inspiration is in itself utterly impressive and meaningful in every way.” 

New to the publication this year was a section dedicated to multidisciplinary seminars: groups of faculty and staff members involved in the discussion of a specific topic. Professor of Environmental Studies Hillary Jenkins revealed the collaboration that occurred across campus and within her multidisciplinary seminar Mapping Outside the Lines, bringing together a group of women who explored the interdisciplinary intersection of gender and geographic information systems (GIS).  

During a presentation about his new textbook, The Art and Science of Trombone Teaching, Dean of the School of Music Andrew Glendening said recognition of faculty scholarship is what stood out to him when he accepted a position at the University. 

“In the past, I had opportunities to write various texts at other institutions, but they wouldn’t count towards my advancement,” he said. “At the University of Redlands, the Boyer model of scholarship is embedded into our faculty. The model recognizes pedagogy as part of valid research, and that’s really important.”

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