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We asked, ‘What are you most excited for?’

Lanyards, lamps, and Lysol wipes: First-year student Albert Garcia unpacks a box of his belongings. (Photo by Coco McKown '04, '10)

On August 29, groups of first-year students and their parents descended upon the University of Redlands for new student move-in day. As first-year-specific residence halls, Williams and East Halls are home to up to 40 percent of the University’s first-year population, so we headed there to talk to new students and ask, “What are you most excited for?”

Here are some of their answers:

Talys Jordana, Tyesen Alexis Gordon, and Brooks McVicker (left to right) smile in their East Hall triple. (Photo by Taylor Matousek '18)
“Playing basketball and being able to meet new people.” 
—Talys Jordana
Seattle, Washington
“Getting the college experience and being able to explore.” 
—Tyesen Alexis Gordon
Bay Area, California
“I’m excited for class to start to get set into a routine.”
—Brooks McVicker
Fort Collins, Colorado 
Clive Davis arrives at Redlands from the East Coast. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“I’m excited to study something new.” 
—Clive Davis
Boston, Massachusetts

Marcella Arellano was ready with color-coordinated pillows for her dorm room. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“I’m excited to live on my own for the first time.” 
—Marcella Arellano
Rancho Cucamonga, California 

Casey Lynch (left) and Tracy Vo pose in their Williams Hall double. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“I’m excited to expand my interests.”
—Casey Lynch
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“I’m excited to meet new people.” 
—Tracy Vo
Orange County, California

Carmelo Barrera Cruz (left) and Gabriel Celano settle into their East Hall triple. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“I’m looking forward to my classes and meeting my professors.”
—Carmelo Barrera Cruz
San Jose, California
“Getting to know the area more.”
—Gabriel Celano
San Diego, California

Sara Eddy (left) and Chanel Carey pose in their Williams Hall double. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“I’m looking forward to meeting new people.”
—Sara Eddy
Dublin, California
“I’m excited to meet new people and to see what class is like in college.” 
—Chanel Carey
Federal Way, Washington 
Romel Austin is excited to be on campus. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
—Romel Austin
Upland, California

Sam Scherer (left) and Tom Jansen stand in their Williams Hall double. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“Being in a new environment.” 
—Sam Scherer
Palmetto, Florida
“Making new friends.” 
—Tom Jansen
San Francisco, California 
Eden Borrmann (left) and Holly Kvanvig pose in their East Hall double. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“I’m excited to live in a residence hall setting and see how I bond with people.”
—Eden Borrmann
Maui, Hawaii
“I’m excited to play water polo and to live on my own.”
—Holly Kvanvig
Portland, Oregon
Dorsey Wilhoite is ready to start exploring. (Photo by Taylor Matousek ’18)
“I’m most excited about branching out and doing new things.” 
—Dorsey Wilhoite
Portland, Oregon

In addition to Williams and East Halls, housing options for first-year students at the University of Redlands include: Fairmont Hall, a community focusing on social justice and service; the Johnston Complex, where students are dedicated to facilitating their own learning environment and making decisions by consensus; Melrose Hall, a group of students who have opted to live in an environment with extended quiet hours; Merriam Hall, an environmentally conscious community that combines sustainable practices with outdoor appreciation; and North Hall, where students focus on knowledge and citizenship in the global environment.

Move-in marks the beginning of New Student Orientation, where first-year students register for classes, meet their First-Year Seminar classmates, and are invited to attend a carnival and football game. Welcome, class of 2022! Och Tamale!