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19 things you might not know about U of R (with video)

Aerial view of Colton Ave.

Here are 19 things you might not know about the University of Redlands and its College of Arts and Sciences.

  • The University of Redlands was founded in 1907. Committed to excellence, the school's founder, Jasper Newton Field, proclaimed, “I am in favor of having a college that will be a credit to ourselves and to the state, or none at all.”
  • The University embraced the bulldog as its mascot after a football game in 1917, when the opposing coach was quoted as saying, “The U of R football team might well be called the bulldogs of the conference for the fight they put into the game.”
  • Average class size: 18 students
  • 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • 160 acres of beauty on the award-winning main campus in Redlands, which features orange groves, architectural landmarks, and more than 1,700 trees
  • Central to beaches, mountains, and deserts; located in Redlands, which has been named a "Great SoCal College Town" by AAA Westways Magazine
  • More than 90 percent of all students in the College receive some form of institutional grant financial aid
  • 21 students have been selected for Fulbright Scholarships, merit-based grants for international educational exchange
  • 36 percent of students in the College are the first in their families to pursue higher education
  • 50 programs of study in the College at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies enables students to design their own majors and receive narrative evaluations
  • The 4-4-1 academic calendar includes a one-month May Term
  • 100+ study abroad destinations
  • 200+ theatre, studio arts, music, dance, and other cultural events each year
  • 21 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III teams
  • 120,000+ hours of service donated by students each year, leading to a President's Higher Education Honor Roll with Distinction designation
  • 120+ organizations and clubs
  • 86 percent of graduating students complete their degree in four years
  • "One of higher education's better-kept secrets." —Fiske Guide to Colleges

There is a lot more to learn about the University of Redlands, which offers a personalized education where students can pursue their passions and potential.  Read more about the Redlands College experience.