Alternative Loans


Even with financial assistance, some students must consider additional payment options to meet educational expenses not covered by financial aid.

Credit based loans are available from private banks and other institutions for students who need additional funds to meet educational expenses not covered by financial aid. Alternative loans are not a part of the federal loan program and can be more expensive for the borrower. To apply for an alternative loan students must choose a lender and agree to a credit check. In most cases students must have a good credit history, a low debt -to-income ratio, and a co-signer may be required for students without adequate credit. Students with a co-signer, in general, have a higher rate of approval and lower fee and interest rate structures. Because alternative loans are provided by a wide variety of lenders, terms and conditions may vary. We have made this process easier by identifying a number of lenders with competitive rates and excellent customer service. We take great care in identifying the best possible loan options for students and reevaluate suggested lenders on a yearly basis. If you do not wish to borrow from a recommender lender you are under no obligation to do so. For more information on alternative loans, and to view our list of recommended lenders, please click on the link below:


Please be aware that you are in no way required to utilize an alternative loan lender from the link above. Student Financial Services supports our students' right to utilize the lender of their choice.

To review our policy on recommending lenders, and for help determining which alternative loan is best for you, please visit our Alternative Loan Facts page.

If you would like to select an Alternative Loan from a lender not listed at the website above please feel free to contact the lender directly.