Kylie Mulder

Assistant Director/Transfer Coordinator

Kylie Webb


P: 909.748.8155

About Kylie

Favorite emoji?
What is that?! I don’t have a smartphone, but I can rock a semicolon and half parentheses to make a smile!

Favorite spot in Redlands?
Theron’s Frozen Custard: 1. For the sweet treat. 2. For the sweet view of the Barton Mansion and, 3. For the sweet walk you can take around Heritage Park that is connected to the Frozen Custard shop.

If you could attend the University of Redlands, which major would you choose and why?
If I could attend the University of Redlands now, I think I would like to major in Communicative Disorders. What a gift those students have in helping others whether it be in a school or medical setting.