Anna Aegerter

Sr. Associate Director of Admissions/Director of PNW Recruitment

Anna Aegerter


P: 909.748.8043

About Anna

Hometown: Mount Vernon, WA

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington

Best place to eat in Redlands?
Who doesn’t love ice cream? A la Minute has fun and creative flavors.

Which May term would you want to participate in?
Urban gardening. Ironically, I live on a 200-acre farm (hay and cattle) yet gardening intimidates me. I have fruit trees and bushes, along with raised beds, but a class would hopefully alleviate the stress that comes every time I prepare to plant my garden. And maybe it would have saved my lettuce this year!

If you could attend the University of Redlands, which major would you choose and why?
I was an Asian Studies major in college (a long time ago!) and I loved focusing on the interplay between history, culture, politics and arts as related to one part of the world. However, if I was to start over at U of R, I’d probably take a lot of classes through History and International Relations as well.