Testing Policies

While standardized test scores have been a requirement in our holistic review process, beginning with the fall 2021 class, we will offer a test optional policy.  The choice will be yours to make as to whether you submit your test scores or not.  Below is information about our test optional policy, as well as our other policies related to standardized tests:

Test Optional Means Test Optional at Redlands

University of Redlands has signed the NACAC test optional policy affirmation, which states we will not penalize students for the absence of a standardized test score. We strongly endorse a student-centered, holistic approach to admission that will not disadvantage any student without a test score.

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Test Optional

Beginning with the fall 2021 application cycle, applicants will have the option to not submit standardized test scores for admission consideration, if they do not believe their test scores truly reflect their potential for success in college. Students will need to indicate on the Redlands Member Questions on the Common Application their intention to apply test optional. Once this designation has been made, it cannot be changed. For more in depth information about our Test Optional policy and to review frequently asked questions, click here.

Types of Accepted Tests

Should you choose to submit test scores as part of your application for admission, you may submit the following test scores:

SAT or ACT scores - the writing section is not required for either test.  You may submit test scores by either self-reporting your scores on the Common Application, having test scores printed directly on your high school transcript, or by sending official test scores through the testing agencies.  Should a student include their self-reported test scores on the Common application, official test scores will be required prior to enrolling at the university. 

International Students for whom English is not their native language or whose primary language of instruction is not English, will still need to show English proficiency by submitting one of the standardized tests listed below.  English Proficiency for the University of Redlands can be met with the following scores:
SAT minimum 550 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
ACT minimum 21 in both the English and Reading Sections
TOEFL minimum 80iBT/550 paper based
IELTS minimum 6.5
iTEP minimum 3.9
Duolingo English Test (DET) minimum 105

Test scores are one of many factors considered in our holistic application review process.

Self-Reported Test Scores

We will use self-reported test scores to evaluate an application as long as they are reported directly on the Common Application.  Official test scores will be required prior to enrolling at the university should you choose to submit test scores.


Whether you submit your ACT or SAT scores, we will superscore.  We will take your highest subsection scores, even if they are from different dates, to calculate a new total score or composite score. Should you submit both an SAT and ACT, the ACT will be concorded to the SAT, and the highest score will be used. To review the most recent concordance tables released by College Board, click here.

Official Test Scores

If a student chooses to have their test scores considered in the admissions process, they will be required to submit official test scores before enrolling at the university. We will consider scores official in the following ways:

Directly from the testing agency – A student can select to have their scores submitted directly to Redlands from The College Board or ACT. Our SAT code is 4848, and the ACT code is 0464. Please note that it can take 4-6 weeks for test scores to arrive to our office.

On the Official high school transcript – Test scores recorded on the official high school transcript.

A PDF of the student score report – Students have access to a PDF of a student score report through the testing agencies portals.  This report can be downloaded as a PDF and emailed to admissions@redlands.edu. A student's name and birthdate must be visible on the score report. Please note that screenshots of scores will not be considered official. 

Test Score Discrepancy Policy

Should a student self-report test scores that do not match the official scores submitted, a member of the admissions committee will reach out to make sure we have all scores. Should there be a true discrepancy between self-reported test scores and official scores, an admissions decision and/or achievement award may be rescinded.