Interested in Teaching High School?

Unlike at the elementary level, secondary level teachers are responsible for teaching a particular subject such as History or English. The preparation to teach at the secondary level is thus of a more specialized nature. Depending on which subject you enjoy the most and want to teach, there are two options.

Option 1. Complete a Major Related to Your Chosen Teaching Subject

Undergraduate Preparation for Teaching Secondary School

Complete the departmental major that most closely corresponds to the subject you want to teach. For example, if you wish to teach English, pursue the major in English and then take the CSET exam in that field. The CSET exam in your particular field must be passed in order to earn a teaching credential in that field. Subjects taught at the secondary level include: Agriculture, American Sign Language, Art, Business, English, Foreign Languages, Health Science, Home Economics, Math, Music, Physical Education, Social Science (History, Government, Economics), Science (Biology, Earth, Physical), and Technical Education. Sample exams for each field are available on the CSET website and should be reviewed with relevant faculty.

Option 2. State-approved Programs for Social Science or Music

Undergraduate Preparation for Teaching Secondary School

If you want to teach in the Social Sciences or Music, the University of Redlands has state-approved preparation programs.
In the case of the Social Sciences, the Social Science Program is a comprehensive and in-depth preparation program that covers the state-approved academic content standards that are taught in Social Science classrooms at the secondary level. Successful completion of this program is accepted by the state in lieu of passing the CSET exam in the Social Sciences that is necessary to earn a teaching credential in the social sciences. However, the Social Science Program is not a major, therefore a departmental major must also be completed in order to earn a B.A. degree. For more information, contact Dr. John Glover.

The School of Music has a similar program in Music Education. Successful completion of the Music Education major also takes the place of the CSET exam in Music. For more information, contact Dr. Kathy Hickey.