Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do to drop a class?

Each semester the last day to drop a class is set during the sixth week of classes. Drop slips are available in the Office of the Registrar, from advisors and from the Academic Success Center. The completed drop slip, signed by the professor for the course, must be taken to the Registrar on or before the last day to drop a class. The advisor's signature is not required on the drop slip. However, it is important to discuss academic and financial aid implications with your advisor first.

What do I do if I want to drop a class after the drop date?

After the drop date, an Academic Review Board (ARB) petition and a drop slip signed by the professor are required. The petition and drop slip are returned to the Registrar. A fee is charged when late drops are approved. Petitions may be picked up in the Office of the Registrar and in the Academic Success Center. The student should continue going to class in case the petition is not approved. Assistance with the petition process is available in the Academic Success Center.

If a student is having difficulty with a subject, how do they get assistance?

It is always important for the student to speak first with the professor to determine what kind of assistance would be appropriate. The Academic Success Center, in Student Development, offers individual tutoring in all disciplines at no cost. Drop-in assistance with writing is available in the Academic Success Center and the Math Lab offers drop-in hours for math help. Time management, study skills, academic planning and general assistance with adjusting to the culture of college are also available in Academic Success Center.

How many units are required to graduate from the University of Redlands?

Students must earn 128 units in order to graduate.

Is it possible to graduate in four years?

Yes! A normal course load per semester is four 4-unit courses. An average of 32 units per year are needed to reach 128 units. Two semesters of 16 units and a 3-unit May Term course adds up to 35 units per year. In four years many students earn more than the minimum number of units needed for graduation. Students may schedule an appointment with us by calling (909) 748-8069 to consider how to maximize the opportunities available to them, including choice of a major, double majors, minors and study abroad.

What are the general education requirements for graduation?

General education requirements at Redlands are called the Liberal Arts Foundations (LAF's). These courses are meant to offer depth and breadth to the educational experience. One semester of each of the following LAF categories is required: Creative Process (CP); Cross-Cultural Studies (CC); Dominance and Difference (DD); Human Behavior (HB); Humanities History (HH); Humanities Literature (HL); Humanities Philosophy (HP); Science with a Lab (MS1); Mathematics (MS2); Third course from science (with or without a lab), a second math course, or a computer science course (MS3); State and Economy (SE); Writing Across the Curriculum (WA in first or second year and WB in third or fourth year). In addition, two semesters of a foreign language are required (FL). In the back of the Schedule of Classes are lists of courses fulfilling each LAF category.

When do students declare a major?

The major must be declared before registration for the junior year (64 units), but can be made at any time. Declaration of a Major/Minor forms and instruction are available in the Registrar's Office and with the secretary in each academic department. A new advisor in the major department is assigned when the major is declared.

Can I take courses at another college or a community college for credit?

Prior to taking classes for credit at any accredited college here or abroad, fill out the blue Transfer Course Approval Request, available in the Registrar's Office and online.  A photocopy of the course description and the catalog cover must accompany the form.  If the course to be transferred is intended to fulfill a major or minor requirement, take the completed form and accompanying paperwork to that department chair for approval.  If the course to be transferred is intended to fulfill an LAF, it is returned to the Registrar for approval.