University of Redlands


Q. Why is Woodbury seeking to partner with another educational institution?

Woodbury University has been exploring a university affiliation to enhance their financial stability and create additional opportunities for its students, and the University of Redlands emerged as the leading choice. 

Q. What will this merger look like?

For the University of Redlands, it will expand on the range of educational pursuits by offering access to Woodbury University’s unique degree programs and an additional campus location just minutes away from the heart of the Southern California creative community.

Our strategic plan, Forward Together, focuses on offering new programs that today’s students seek, growing opportunities for underserved student populations, and further ensuring financial sustainability. The integration of Woodbury into the University of Redlands furthers these initiatives while providing more opportunity for you.

Woodbury University’s interests are in preserving and enhancing the longstanding Woodbury educational experience by merging with a university that is aligned with their mission and values. As part of this, Woodbury students will have the opportunity to expand their educational experience with access to the University of Redlands academic programs, student services, study abroad programs and campuses through California and in Salzburg, Austria.  

Q. How will this change impact the University of Redlands?

Our intent is for University of Redlands students to gain access to Woodbury University’s distinctive programs in architecture, animation, business, media production, and design, among others. It also adds another campus location in Burbank, just minutes away from the heart of the entertainment industry.

This change would not impact University of Redlands’ curricular or co-curricular requirements, location, or availability to students.

Q. How long will the merger take?

The first phase of the merger should be accomplished by June of 2024 (pending WSCUC approval). The second phase of the merger is subject to completion of the processes required by the U.S. Department of Education, which can take 1-2 years.