Message from the Dean

January 5, 2022

To:  CAS Undergraduate Students and Families
From:  University Dean of Student Affairs Donna Eddleman
Subject: Providing some Clarity

Today I write to provide clarity on some of the information you have received, based on feedback you have shared with me. 

Online Instruction 

Per the University announcement on January 2, 2021, spring semester instruction for undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Arts and Science (CAS) will begin online Monday, January 10.  In person instruction will begin Tuesday, January 18.  (Enhanced protocols are in place at least through January 21, in person instruction begins Tuesday, January 18.) 

Three to Five Day Testing Window 

We have asked everyone to provide proof of a negative test within three to five days of their arrival on campus and three to five days after their arrival. While what you provide cannot be more than five days old, if it is less than three, it will be accepted and should be uploaded using the COVID compliance attestation form, accessible via the yellow banner at the top of the Redlands App.  

Weekly Testing 

Per the testing protocol, after you complete your pre-and post-arrival testing requirement, unless you are “boosted” you will need to participate in weekly testing, at least through January 21. I will be sure to highlight the guidance provided for weekly testing next week. For now, focus on the pre- and post-test requirement, and if you are eligible, get your booster! 

Booster Requirement 

Speaking of boosters, the University announcement dated January 2, included this statement “COVID-19 Boosters are required.” in a list of “….enhanced measures outlined in further detail below.”   The referenced "further detail" included; “As previously announced, the University will require booster shots for all vaccinated individuals. An updated vaccination policy will be released by Jan. 10.” So, while the University has decided boosters are required, the policy that will guide this requirement, will be shared by January 10.  

If you are eligible for a booster shot, as I have said before, please get it before returning to campus. If you are not yet eligible, return to campus knowing booster shots are required, and the University will be working to host clinics on campus to make them easily accessible to members of our community.   

I hope this information provides some needed clarity. For those who “see” their question in the answers above, thank you for your inquiry and feedback. 

Be safe. Be well. 


Donna M. Eddleman

University Dean of Student Affairs