Message from the Dean

January 21, 2022

To:  CAS Undergraduate Students and Families
From: University Dean of Student Affairs Donna Eddleman
Subject:  Message from the Dean

There’s nothing better than a seven-day “sunny, high sixties, low seventies” weather forecast to remind us why life is good in southern California.  I hope all of you have plans to be outdoors this weekend, safely distanced, of course, enjoying the blue skies and sunshine.


As we approach what some have suggested will be a decline in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the state of California, risk remains, and positive cases among the student body continue. The Student COVID Case Team (SCCT) members, in addition to their “normal” full time job, and/or graduate program commitments, continue to work long days, including weekends, to support CAS students who test positive, and their close contacts. Since the semester began, more than 350 students have had some sort of interaction with a member of the SCCT, all of whom work in Student Affairs (which includes Athletics) and all of whom are owed a debt of gratitude. They’re really terrific human beings, as are partners from across campus like Harvest Table staff, housekeepers, facilities personnel, Academic Support and Disability Services, Human Resources, others who also support the COVID management process.  It really does take a village!

Enhanced Protocols (regrettably) Continue

On Wednesday, it was announced the enhanced protocols implemented leading up to the start of the semester will remain in effect at least until January 31.  Regrettably, compliance concerns have increased.  Not everyone is doing what has been asked, which means members of the community are knowingly putting others at risk.  To those of you who have tried to hold others accountable, thank you for your commitment to the health and safety of others, and the on-campus student experience.  I know I sound like a broken record but suspending the enhanced protocols can’t happen if some choose to allow non-University visitors in residential communities, don’t report a positive test, or fail to wear a mask when in close proximity to others (to include when riding with others in a vehicle).  Please be safe and be smart.


In early January, the University announced COVID-19 boosters would be required with more information forthcoming.  The CAS Undergraduate Student Vaccination Policy will be updated to reflect this change in the coming days; in the meantime, members of the Information Technology Systems (ITS) team have added a tile on the Redlands App:  UR Ready> Upload Proof of Booster to make it easy and convenient to submit booster documentation.   You can also do the same by clicking on this link.  To the over 1100 students who have indicated they have been “boosted,” thank you so much.  The tile is live!!! 

I hope week two has been a good one for you!  Make it a good weekend and GO! Bengals? Titans? 49ers? Packers? Rams? Buccaneers? Bills? Chiefs?

Be safe. Be well.