Message from the Dean - The Link is Live

January 3, 2022

To:  CAS Undergraduate Students
From:  University Dean of Student Affairs Donna Eddleman
Subject: The Link is Live

To help you stay on track for a smooth transition back to campus you will be receiving updates and highlights about things that are important for you to know as we work together to be prepared to start the semester.   What I ask is that you read all that is shared, to include linking to and reviewing web content, you make note of what you must do, and you look to the information and resources we are sharing with you before reaching out to ask a question that just might be answered in the information shared.  It’s not that we don’t want to be helpful, it’s that keeping up with all the inquiries we are trying to manage is challenging. In advance, thank you! 

Today, I am writing as a follow-up to the information shared with you yesterday about our return to campus plan and the enhanced protocols that will be in place.  If you have not seen yesterday’s University Announcement, you can find it here.   

Specifically, here are some highlights from yesterday’s announcement: 

Enhanced Safety Protocols 

The University is implementing immediate, but temporary enhanced safety protocols in response to the omicron variant, which has a very high transmission rate.  This rate of transmission has informed our decision to begin the semester online (if you were not aware of the decision, you really need to click on the link above!) as well as the decision to reintroduce some of the expectations we had in place last spring, we hope for just the first three weeks of the semester.  

Campus-wide expectations were shared yesterday. More specific student expectations will be shared in full tomorrow, so stay tuned. 

The Link is Live!

Yesterday you received this link to our pre- and post-arrival CAS Testing Protocols.  Please review all contents carefully and bookmark the page for easy reference as non-compliance means you cannot come to campus.   

IMPORTANT: The link to upload your pre-arrival test results (required three to five days ahead of your return to campus) and attest to the accuracy of the information you have shared, is now live. The link is also easily accessed from the bright yellow banner found on the Redlands App, which allows you to easily upload proof of a negative test result. As part of this process, you will need to report your vaccination or booster date. If you cannot locate your vaccination card, search your state’s health department website for their vaccination registry. (California residents:  


New CDC guidance compels all who can get boosted to do so as soon as possible because, if you are vaccinated but not boosted, and identified as a close contact, even if you are asymptomatic, you will need to quarantine for at least 5 days. Yes, you read that correctly.  Vaccinated, close contacts, with no symptoms now need to quarantine.  Please do all you can to get boosted before returning to campus. (Booster guidance and expectations for those of you who got COVID-19 post-vaccination is under development and review. It will be shared in a variety of ways once finalized. You are also encouraged to consult with a medical provider.) 

Ok, that is it for today.  I know there are a lot of moving parts, but we are Bulldog strong; we will see this through. 

Stay safe. Stay Well. 

Donna M. Eddleman