Campus Updates

February 8, 2022

To:  College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Undergraduate Students 
From: University Dean of Student Affairs Donna Eddleman
Subject:  Campus Updates

In the message Dean Wuhs and I sent last week we shared that we expected everyone to upload a negative test result every seven to ten days, which has some asking why, especially given the percentage of students who are vaccinated. The answer is simple really; it is better to be safe than sorry. Testing is easy, convenient, and quick, and helping to keep our community safe and healthy may just be prizeworthy (more about that later). We will be auditing testing behavior, sending reminders when necessary, and continuing to respond to reports of illness or positive test results. Specific to the latter, should you feel ill, exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, or wonder if you may have contracted the virus, do not hesitate to submit a COVID reporting form, and get tested.  Yes, case rates continue to decline, but the virus is still among us, we have resources on stand-by to provide needed support, and an abundance of caution is a good thing as it will keep us healthy and safe. 

Speaking of safe, make plans now to test within three to five days of leaving for spring break, and know that you must upload proof of a negative test within three to five days of your return to campus. For those of you who will not be leaving the area, you too are expected to upload proof within three to five days of the start of classes. Testing pre-departure and pre-return limits risk of exposure of both those you visit and those within the University community. To be best prepared to meet this expectation, pick up a rapid test, while supplies last, at the county’s on-campus testing site (NOTE: the site will be closed February 21 and 23), or order a testing kit online (two day delivery!) to take wherever your travels will take you! 

Just a few more things: 


On Wednesday, all U of R students will receive an invitation to complete a survey to assess mental health and wellness. The Healthy Minds Study, the result of a collaborative commitment between the Associated Students of the University of Redlands (ASUR), the President’s Cabinet, and The JED Foundation, was put on hold eighteen months ago because of COVID. Fortunately, we are now positioned to move forward, and your insights are needed and important, so please look for an email from tomorrow and let your voices be heard. 


Residence Life and Housing (RLH) has started to receive inquiries about housing sign-up for next year. Please note a detailed timeline will be published in early March; housing sign-up itself will take place in May. For those wondering about moving off-campus next semester, in my email leading up to the December break I shared a link to the off-campus petition website. As outlined there, students with no less than 89 earned credits, and a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.25 will know if such petitions will be considered, when the petition deadline is published. While the deadline has not been announced, I can confirm petitions eligible for review for the 2022/23 academic year will only include petitions submitted by those who live with a parent/guardian within thirty miles of campus, are enrolled part-time, younger than 16 years of age, older than 23 years of age, and/or legally married or in a registered domestic partnership.  


Finally, in last week’s message, Dean Wuhs and I mentioned incentivizing testing which begins this week, so stay healthy, keep testing, and you might just win a prize! 

Make it a good week and let the sun shine in! 


Donna M. Eddleman

University Dean of Student Affairs


P.S.  I tested negative this morning!