Testing, Masks and Close Contacts

February 1, 2022

To:  College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Undergraduate Students 
From:  Dr. Steve Wuhs, Interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Dr. Donna Eddleman, University Dean of Student Affairs 
Subject:  Testing, Masks and Close Contacts

With the temporary enhanced protocols no longer in effect, we write with reminders and expectations we need everyone to respect and honor in the context of two common goals: our collective health and safety, and meaningful student engagement in our classrooms and across our campuses. 

Test, and test again. We are both vaccinated and boosted, but we continue to test, and we expect everyone to do the same, uploading negative test results every seven to ten days. Demand at the county testing site on campus has declined (there was no waiting in line at 1:30 yesterday afternoon!), and test results are being processed more quickly.  So, if it is easier to schedule an appointment, if test results arrive more quickly, and if testing is expected, then why not test?  

Need additional incentive? Testing makes you eligible for random prizes! Stay tuned for more details. 

There is no denying wearing masks is annoying, especially when your glasses fog, the elastic hurts your ears, or you cannot find the mask you had when you left for class on any given morning. Nonetheless, masks remain the most significant prevention tool available because they minimize transmission of COVID-19 variants. KN95 and N95 masks are most effective, or you can wear two cloth masks. Either way, you need to continue to wear masks when you are in spaces and places (particularly indoors) where there is risk of transmission, and please be sure non-University guests do the same. 

Not too close, please.  Finally, while the enhanced protocols have been lifted, we ask that you continue to limit your close contacts. As you know, doing so makes you less likely to transmit or contract COVID-19 and therefore, less likely to find yourself needing to quarantine or isolate.  

Thanks so much for your continuing efforts to keep our community safe!