End of Semester Message

December 8, 2021

To:  CAS Undergraduate Students
From:  University Dean of Student Affairs Donna Eddleman
Subject: End of Semester Message

With final exams beginning on Thursday, we are just days away from the end of a semester that started unlike any other I have ever experienced. There was so much we didn’t know, and admittedly some decisions were “best guesses” because of an uncertain and ever-changing environment. Getting from there, to here is the result of a whole lot of people, doing a whole lot of things, much of which was far from “normal” and certainly beyond the scope of work for many employees. Despite it all, you are just days away from completing your finals, and we are days away from completing a semester like no other.

As you finish this chapter, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you from the Division of Student Affairs for all the ways you managed risk to help keep our community safe and well. Your commitment to each other, and to the broader community is a point of pride, it’s The Bulldog Way, and a testament to what is special and unique about the University of Redlands.

Regrettably, when you return in January, by all accounts, we will still be managing COVID-19 risk, which will require us to continue wearing masks indoors and, depending on what we continue to learn about the Omicron variant, you may also be asked to limit close contacts, at the very least until initial arrival testing is complete. Prior to returning to campus, you will be required to attest to receipt of a negative COVID-19 test result, and to provide proof if asked to do so. Everyone will also be asked to test upon return to campus, and fortunately, the county’s testing site will continue to be available to support our testing needs. Logistical details about how to access and complete the attestation document, as well as testing protocols for all (vaccinated, unvaccinated, vaccinated with booster) upon return to campus will be shared with you over the holiday break, so please be sure to check your email.

If you have been fully vaccinated for six months or more, or if you will reach the recommended six-month post vaccination threshold before the start of the spring semester, you are strongly encouraged to get a booster shot prior to your return to campus. While not currently required, it is likely the University of Redlands, like other college campuses across the country, will require booster shots soon.

During the holiday break, be aware that most offices will be closed from December 18, 2021, through January 2, 2022. While office staff will monitor email inquiries, responses will likely be delayed. I ask that you be patient when awaiting a response, as many employees, because of this unique semester, have not been able to take the time off they have earned and deserve.

This semester is a testament to resilience and perseverance. Keep your head down. Keep moving forward. You’ve got this!

Wishing you the very best this holiday season,

Donna M. Eddleman

University Dean of Student Affairs