COVID-19 Student Expectations


**Immediate and Temporary Enhanced Safety Protocols, January 2022

In addition to the expectations adopted by the University in August 2021 (included below), in response to the rapidly-spreading omicron variant, the following enhanced expectations are in place until at least January 31, 2022:

  • Students are required to take and submit proof of a negative Covid-19 test within three to five days of their return to campus. See CAS Testing Protocols for more details.
  • Only enrolled students or University personnel are permitted inside residential communities. (Students who are moving on campus this semester are allowed to select one person to help them move in. Residence Life and Housing will provide additional detail.)
  • Student organizations will pause indoor meetings/gatherings. • Indoor social gatherings of more than four people are not permitted (this applies to gatherings that occur on and off-campus).
  • Larger outdoor gatherings are only permitted if attendees maintain (6 ft.) physical distance throughout the event. If any student organization wishes to host outdoor in-person gatherings, those must be approved by Student Involvement and Success, at least 72 hours in advance, and must include (6 ft.) physical distancing of attendees throughout the event.
  • The University has indicated that booster shots will be required. Policy specific to this requirement is forthcoming.
  • To manage limited quarantine and isolation spaces available on campus, students whose permanent address is within 80 miles of campus will be expected to quarantine and/or isolate at home, whenever possible. Students whose permanent address is greater than 80 miles from campus will be asked to do the same, whenever possible.


Every member of our community is responsible for making the University of Redlands a safe and healthy place where we learn and thrive. Our individual choices impact those around us, and we must use sound judgment in light of the risks posed by COVID-19.

This document University of Redlands COVID-19 Student Expectations provides specific student expectations that we must follow to protect the health of our community. Read this entire document carefully and be prepared to faithfully abide by the expectations described.

College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate students, whether living on campus or in the community, are expected to uphold these expectations while recognizing that they may change as we monitor and adjust to respond to COVID-19 and its variants. While we hope additional steps will not be necessary, we will all need to adapt should additional mitigation strategies become necessary.

Summary of CAS Undergraduate Student Expectations, applicable to those vaccinated and unvaccinated:

Summary of CAS Undergraduate Student Expectations, applicable to those vaccinated and unvaccinated (Note: Greater detail follows the summary list so please read the entire document)

  • Arrive prepared with face coverings and other supplies like hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and spray, etc.
  • Practice face covering and physical distancing while in any indoor shared spaces, and designated shared outdoor spaces.
  • Present your student ID (via the Redlands app) when requested to do so and comply with any required mitigation strategies for certain campus spaces or specific occasions.
  • Report immediately if you test positive, are exposed, or are symptomatic for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Participate and fully cooperate with contact tracing, quarantine, and isolation instructions.
  • Require your non-University guests to wear a face-covering while indoors; additional guest restrictions may be in place for certain campus spaces or specific occasions.

Additional expectations for unvaccinated (or not fully boosted):

  • Test for COVID-19 upon arrival.
  • Complete the health assessment found on the Redlands app each day (not required for those who have provided proof of vaccination).
  • Take a COVID-19 test each week and upload proof of your negative results via the Redlands app

In addition, we recommend all students continue to educate themselves on COVID-19. Be critical consumers of information. Consider these sources as a place to start: