Initial Quarantine: What to Expect, What is Expected

In a memo dated December 23, the University shared the testing protocol all residential and off-campus students are expected to abide by, including information about guidelines to complete leading up to the start of the spring semester and an initial quarantine and testing period upon arrival.

As noted in the policy, upon arrival in Redlands, students living off-campus with plans to visit campus or interact with students living on campus, are expected to complete a five-day quarantine and then pass a COVID-19 screening test using the testing site located on campus or an alternate testing site/service.  This requirement is necessary because students, whether in residence or not, inevitably will and/or have had interaction with each other.  

Upon arrival, residential students will participate in an initial quarantine period beginning the day they move-in lasting through having received proof of a negative test, administered no sooner than five days after arrival on campus. The University will provide an initial test kit to each residential student. During this initial quarantine period, the following will apply:

Initial Quarantine: The quarantine period will be much like what we are experiencing now with the state of California stay-at-home order.  Some of us, despite the order, are “essential,” and therefore need to work, others need to purchase groceries, see a health care provider, etc. We ask that whenever and however possible, that these situations (work, shopping, etc.) be the exception, not the rule.  Throughout the quarantine period, there must be no close contact, whatsoever.  At all times, face coverings will be worn, a physical distance of six feet or more will be maintained, and hands will be washed, and then washed again, and again. 

Walks outside are permitted and encouraged, as is spending time outside, again with no close contact. The goal of the initial quarantine period is to avoid transmission of the coronavirus and provide enough time for someone with the disease to test positive (the average incubation time is five days from initial contact).

Once a student arrives on campus to begin the move-in process, they are expected to remain on campus until completion of the initial quarantine and testing period (anticipated to be no less than seven days). 

  • Close Contacts: Interactions are restricted in the initial quarantine to having no close contacts (i.e. being within a six (6) foot distance to another person) until a student and those they wish to interact with have all received a negative test.
    • After the initial quarantine and testing period, students are required to have no more than three (3) close contacts (those who are outside of their household), including family a student sees regularly and/or significant others, to minimize the risk of transmission. These individuals must remain consistent.
  • Residential Communities: Access to each residential community will be limited, without exception, to those assigned to each specific community. This policy will continue for an unspecified period of time, with any change informed by the County’s Tier standing and case numbers on campus.
    • After the initial quarantine and testing period, residents are limited to only one guest (person who does not live in that room) in their residence hall room at any time. In the Brockton apartments, no more than five (5) approved persons (including residents of the apartment) can be in an apartment at one time. In the Grove apartments, that number is three (3) approved persons.
  • Meals: Per published protocol, while following all published health standards, (i.e., face covering, six feet of physical distance, successful completion of the daily health assessment, etc.) residential students can enter The Table to access grab-and-go meal options. Students are expected to take their temperature before departing their residential community (PopID devices have been installed at entryways), to anticipate random temperature taking upon arrival at The Table, and to remember lines will be exaggerated by the need to physical distance and will be longer if everyone arrives at The Table at the start of published meal hours.
  • Books: We are collaborating with the bookstore to arrange the delivery of bookstore purchases to those living on campus. For students living off-campus, details about picking up your bookstore purchase will be forthcoming.
  • Ongoing COVID-19 Testing: Upon completion of the initial quarantine period, all are reminded that weekly testing, as well as completion of the daily health assessment found on the Redlands App, are required.

For more details about testing protocols and expectations, please refer to the testing protocols document or the Students & Families FAQ page, which is updated regularly,