Student COVID-19 Guidelines

To:        University of Redlands Students

From:   Donna M. Eddleman, Vice President of Student Affairs

Date:   September 4, 2023

RE:       COVID-19 Guidelines

While COVID-19 remains a public health concern, the combination of vaccines, acquired immunity, and improved medical treatments have made it less of a threat to the public. Based on these factors, students are expected to do as follows in response to a positive COVID-19 test:

  1. Student reporting of positive COVID-19 tests is no longer required unless the student is employed by the University and believes the positive test is the result of workplace exposure. This means only student employees who believe their positive test is the result of a workplace exposure are required to submit a reporting form.  If you are not a student employee, do not complete the form.
  2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines encourage isolation for those who test positive; therefore, residential students who test positive and want to limit transmission, or impacted roommates who want to limit exposure, can contact Public Safety (909.748.8888) to request a temporary relocation to one of a limited number of on-campus wellness rooms. Local students who test positive, while not required, are encouraged to isolate at home.
  3. All students who test positive for COVID-19 should contact their professors to arrange how to stay current with course materials, just as one would with any other illness, as well as their Resident Assistant, as a point of information, if applicable. They are also expected to avoid close contact with others, to include limited interaction in common spaces across campus like dining venues and residential communities. Masks are strongly encouraged to limit transmission.
  4. Student Athletes who test positive are also expected to notify their head coach and the head athletic trainer. Compliance with Bulldog Athletics COVID protocols, to include all conditions that must be met to return to participation, is required.
  5. Unless a directive applies to specific location or personnel, wearing a mask remains at the discretion of each individual in our community. Students with disabilities in need of accommodations should contact Academic Success and Accessibility.
  6. While the University will no longer supply COVID tests, they are conveniently available at the University bookstore for those who need them.

Additional information on COVID-19 testing can be found here.  If you have questions about the guidelines and expectations outlined above, reach out to your RA or email