Register Individual U of R Faculty/Staff International Travel

For risk management and insurance purposes, the University of Redlands requires all University sponsored international travel to be registered.

Below are Instructions and information about registration deadlines. To the side is the link to the registration process for university sponsored individual faculty/staff international travel.

Instructions: Faculty or staff doing university sponsored independent international travel must:

  • Register travel no later than 4 weeks prior to anticipated departure.
  • Registration should be submitted by this deadline even if certain aspects of travel such as funding have not been confirmed.
  • Include airports and all countries you will transit or travel through.
  • If you are also requesting an International Travel Policy exception (travel to or through a country that is a US Department of State level 3), submit your request no later than 6 weeks prior to anticipated departure. Travel to a level 4 country is not supported; extraordinary circumstances may allow for level 4 travel but is very unlikely. A request for an exception to a level 4 country must be submitted no later than 6 weeks prior to anticipated departure. Policy exception requests will require travelers to gather additional information and respond to additional questions. Normally, policy exception requests are reviewed by the International Travel Policy and Activities Committee within 15 business days.  Travelers will receive notification via email of approval or denial. 

FAQ's about the individual faculty/staff international travel registry process.

Questions? Contact the Office of Global Education at