Guidelines on US Department of State Travel Advisories

In most cases, when all documents are completed and submitted and signed correctly, approval will be granted to countries listed as level one  or two  on the US State Department Travel Advisory page. Generally, approval will not be granted to countries that are listed as level three on the US State Department Travel Advisory page (

Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis if predetermined criteria set by International Travel and Activities Approval Committee (ITAAC) are met. Those criteria include information regarding:

  • Specific locations, regions and cities that will be visited in the country;
  • Current on-ground political and cultural climate in the country and region;
  • Level of experience and in-country credibility;
  • The host or group that will be assisting in-country;
  • Relationship the country has with the US in case of emergencies or other necessary aid;
  • Nature of the work and activities the traveler will engage in while in the country;
  • Type of transportation that will be used to enter and leave the country and will be used in the country;
  • Are other US universities, organizations, ministries, working in the country or region;
  • Specific dates that might coincide with potentially dangerous festivals, events, or gatherings.

Meeting one or more of the criteria does not mean international travel to level three countries will be approved automatically. The International Travel and Activities Approval Comittee (ITAAC) will take into consideration all relevant factors. Those wishing to seek approval to travel to a country deemed a level three must submit supporting documentation addressing the points listed above to ITAAC.

The University does not permit travel to level four countries with undergraduate students. University-sponsored travel to a Level 4 country is not supported; extraordinary circumstances may allow for level 4 travel but it is very unlikely. 

If University faculty, staff or students are already traveling in a country at the time the US State Department lists it as a level three or four country, members of the ITAAC shall be notified promptly by the On-Campus Responsible Officer or On-Site Faculty/Staff Leader of the international travel. The traveler(s) may be required to leave the country, if appropriate and safe to do so, at the discretion of the ITAAC.

University employees and students who do not abide by terms of this policy or the directives of the ITAAC will be subject to discipline, including but not limited to restrictions on international travel and funds for such travel, non-reimbursement of expenses, and termination/dismissal. Academic credit shall not be granted to faculty and students who travel in violation of this policy.