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Classic Music in Salzburg


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Enrollment limit

14 students


Arrival in Salzburg - May 6th, 2022

Departure from Salzburg housing - June 1, 2022 (mandatory) 

Course fee


Included in course fee

Room and board while in Salzburg, excursion to Vienna, concert tickets, all museum/site tickets and tours

Beyond course fee

Round Trip Airfare to Salzburg, some meals, optional weekend travel, and souvenirs (approximately $1500).

Course Description

This course will be an exploration of music written between about 1750 and 1800.  The course will explore the music and culture of the classical era with a special emphasis on how it has been preserved, celebrated and re-imagined in Salzburg and Austria as a whole, through the 21st century. Preparatory readings on history, heritage, cultural memory and identity (from a theoretical perspective) will ground the class discussion on historical events, people and music. Participants will be able to engage with performance spaces, museums and local experiences to investigate classical music’s relationship to the city and Austrian identity. 

Through this course, we hope to encourage students to broaden their understanding of Classical music’s presence in the contemporary world, and especially how that presence might be different in a place outside of the United States. The classical era, in particular, has a deep-rooted history with Austrian identity and it is this idea of cultural memory, identity and legacy that shapes classical music’s relationship to this region.  The goal of the course is that a student’s understanding of the music and style of the classical era will be enriched by a hands-on approach to engaging with this music and its history and preservation efforts in Salzburg.  

Previous performances have included: Cecilia Bartoli at the Salzburg Festival, the Vienna Philharmonic, the Mozarteum Orchestra, Vienna Choir Boys, the Sound of Music...


Open to Music students only

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