Application, Registration, Payment Process

STEP ONE: Attend May Term Travel Course Fair. All Faculty leading travel courses in the 2019 May Term session will provide course information at this event. They will also develop a list of interested students in order to arrange information and interview sessions with them, either individually or in groups.

May Term Travel Fair:  Wednesday, September 12 – Casa Loma 7:00 – 8:30 pm

STEP TWO: Attend information sessions and/or participate in interviews if and when invited by faculty.  Faculty will begin to make admissions decisions as a result of these sessions and interviews during the faculty recruitment period.

Faculty Recruitment/Interview Period: Wednesday, September 12 –  Friday, October  26

STEP THREE: (Optional) Complete May Term Travel Grant Application and submit to Office of Study Abroad. See May Term Travel Grant section for details.

Grant Application Deadline: Friday, September 28

STEP FOUR:  Complete and sign Registration and Finanical Commitment Form (admitted students only). By completing and signing this form, students understand this serves as course registration upon faculty also signing - confirming students' acceptance.  It also serves as students' financial commitment to all program costs.

Registration and Financial Commitment Form Deadline:  Friday, October 26

STEP FIVE: Make full course payment or enter into semester payment plan.

Full Payment/Payment Plan Deadline: Wednesday, December 12

STEP SIX: Submit to faculty all required May Term Travel Course Forms.

Travel Course Forms Deadline: Friday, February 15

FINAL STEP: Full May Term Travel Course Payment Deadline. Students who have not made final payment by this deadline will not be permitted to participate in this course and will be responsible for some or all course costs as outlined in the payment/registration policy (see Registration and Financial Commitment Form)

Final Payment Deadline: Friday, April 12