Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn credit while abroad? 

Yes. Students are guaranteed credits towards graduation from the University of Redlands for courses successfully completed abroad only if they participate in a program of study officially approved by the Study Abroad Office. Students must apply to participate through the Study Abroad Office’s online process and meet all pertinent deadlines. Students enrolled in programs outside of this formal process will not earn credits toward a Redlands degree.

Can I satisfy any Liberal Arts Foundation (LAF)/Liberal Arts Inquiry(LAI) requirements or major/minor requirements while abroad? 

It is the responsibility of all students to petition the Registrar for any course for which they wish to satisfy a LAF/LAI requirement and/or their major/minor department(s) if they seek course equivalencies for satisfying relevant requirements. Students should complete this process prior to departure when feasible and should be sure to secure these approvals in writing should they later need to provide documentation attesting to any prior approvals.

Will the grades I earn abroad be factored into my University of Redlands GPA? 

Yes. Students accepted for off-campus study will retain official status as a University of Redlands student. All academic grades earned in an approved off-campus study program will automatically transfer back to the University of Redlands, will count toward the accumulation of credits for graduation, will be calculated into the students cumulative GPA, and will appear on the Redlands transcript.

Can only certain majors study abroad? 

No. Programs are open to all students regardless of major although some programs do have a specific thematic, disciplinary, or curricular focus and/or pre-requisites. Be sure to check with your academic advisor and the Study Abroad Office when searching prospective programs.

Does the University of Redlands have its own program abroad? 

Yes. Since 1960, the University of Redlands has sponsored a program of study in Salzburg, Austria. The Salzburg Semester is characterized by a general humanities curriculum and offered in the context of group study and an experiential, curricular design that results in extensive course related travel opportunities. The Salzburg Semester is offered during both Fall and Spring Semesters.

Do I need to know a foreign language to study abroad? 

No. Many programs are English-based or do not require prior study of the host language.  All students are strongly encouraged to enroll in foreign language courses when in non-English speaking countries as this provides opportunities for deeper learning about the host country and culture.

How much will a semester abroad cost? 

For a student's semester abroad, they will make payment to the University of Redlands as if they were studying on campus and in virtually the same amount as arranged in their regular financial agreement with the University.  One difference is that students will be billed for room and board in their semester abroad at the rate of a standard double occupancy dorm room and in the amount of a standard meal plan.  These charges will apply for students who study abroad regardless of their actual room and board while living on-campus or off-campus and irrespective of the room/board costs of their abroad programs.  In turn, the University will make payment for all required program fees for students participating in an approved program of off-campus study.  Including room/board costs, with the exception of mandatory health insurance required by the University and/or partner University or other program partner.  Students will be responsible for these insurance costs.

What will happen to my financial aid the semester I am abroad? 

If you receive Federal, State, or University of Redlands need-based financial aid, you will continue to receive all grants and scholarships (save work awards) during your approved semester of study abroad. Your financial aid package is based on University of Redlands fees.

Am I able to study abroad for more than one semester?

The policy of the University of Redlands is that approval for off-campus study is given for a single semester only and approval for a second term will be granted on a competitive basis for only a very few exceptional cases. Students who wish to be considered for a full year of study must appropriately answer the question concerning full year study on the online study abroad application and follow the required essay directions accordingly.

Does the University of Redlands arrange my travel?

The cost and arrangement of travel to and from the study site is the responsibility of the student. If a program includes airfare as a part of the program fee, the University will request that the program partner separate this out of the invoice and direct to the student for payment.

Is there a study abroad application fee?

Yes, the application fee is $40 and will be automatically added to student accounts upon applying.

Does the University offer any short-term travel options?

Yes. During May Term, Redlands’ faculty create and lead a number of diverse, experiential, and often interdisciplinary travel courses both domestic and international. A list of these travel courses will be posted on the study abroad web page in mid to late summer, before the beginning of the academic year.