May Term Travel Courses 2019

London, England —  ENGL 262.01: In Shakespeare's Footsteps   

Faculty: Nancy Carrick

Guatemala — CDIS/LAST 260: Guatemala: Service-Learning in Language, Culture, and Education (FULL)

Faculty: Barbara Conboy

Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains — CHEM 331: Chemistry (FULL)

Faculty: Rebecca Lyons

Panama — EVST 350: PanaMapping, Geodesign to Conserve the Rain Forest 

Faculty: Dan Klooster and Tim Krantz

Palau — EVST 281: The Palau Expedition: Sustaining Life on a Blue Planet 

Faculty: Lei Lani Stelle

London, England — ART260/SPRO 260 : Storytelling In London Town (FULL)

Faculty: Tommi Cahill and Leo Rowland 

Salzburg, Austria — POLI  SCI 362:  Politics of Eastern Europe (FULL)

Faculty: Graeme Auton

Salzburg, Austria — POLI SCI 363: Comparative Judicial Systems: Human Rights in the United States and Europe (FULL)

Faculty: Art Svenson

Washington, D.C. — POLI 257: Policymaking in Washington, D.C.

Faculty: Greg Thorson 

Salzburg, Austria — MUS 404: Classic Music  (FULL)

Faculty:  Katie Baber

Australia - Outdoor Programs  (FULL)

Faculty: Andrew Hollis