May Term Travel Courses

Students at Redlands benefit from a Faculty that is deeply committed to off-campus education and study. A clear manifestation of this is the Faculty’s activity in leading travel courses during the university’s May Term period each year. Approximately 15 credit-granting courses are offered each May Term session, some of which may require pre-requisites. The majority of these courses take place outside of the United States though there are commonly multiple domestic options in a variety of academic areas.

Experiential in practice, these courses are frequently interdisciplinary in design and offer distinct opportunities for exploratory and creative course content. The mixture of travel, experiential learning and interdisciplinary design allows for a series of study options that are unique in composition and provide educational opportunities that are not possible during regular semesters. Typically, many of these courses also satisfy Liberal Arts Foundation and/or Liberal Arts Inquiry requirements.

May Term Travel Courses either fully take place away from the university or offer a split model where courses are divided between a period of on-campus study, with a minimum of 10-14 days off-campus. The average class-size is 14-15 students per course.

Through May Term Travel Courses, students benefit from short term, international and off-campus curricular options that expand their scope of learning while broadening their sense of self and providing global spaces for reflection on difference and diversity.  

May Term Travel Fair

The Study Away Office hosts a May Term Travel Fair each September. All University of Redlands faculty who will lead a travel course during the following May Term period provide information about their courses to prospective students. While not mandatory, we highly recommend that interested students attend the event as faculty commonly develop lists of prospective students by the end of the Fair and often begin to schedule individual or group interviews for applicants. Students who do not attend may find that certain courses have filled by the time they have contacted faculty at a later date.

May Term Travel Fair Date: September 11, 2019 - 7pm in Casa Loma Room