COVID-19 - The CAS Study Away Office continues to monitor the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we would like to provide the following information to assist with questions students or parents may have due to the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation as it pertains to study away programs for fall 2020 and spring 2021. Learn more about the University's COVID-19 Preparedness.

Study Away in the College of Arts and Sciences

Our objective in the Office of Study Away is that every CAS undergraduate student has a significant international experience during their time at Redlands: a semester abroad (or more) or a May Term or two!  We see this as a critical and integral part of their liberal arts education. Available to students from all CAS departments and programs, off-campus study provides a unique opportunity for a quality of academic and personal learning and growth that is not possible to gain while on campus in Redlands. The benefits are numerous, from increased language acquisition and intercultural experience to greater personal resilience and maturity, and will help you in your personal and professional lives.  And to take the most advantage of these opportunities, consider enrolling in our pre-departure and re-entry courses!

In addition to our short-term faculty-led programs in May and June, we offer semester programs through study abroad providers and partner universities for Redlands students to consider alongside our signature Salzburg Semester program.

Providers have center facilities, resident directors and support staff but can vary widely in the size, style, and content of their programs and operations. In some instances, students can receive academic credit for participating in internships, service learning, or research opportunities as part of their study experience. Students who want to study in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand can work through partner universities where they'll encounter more curricular options but will also need to work independently in different academic contexts. 

Join the Salzburg Semester – Redlands students have participated in U of R’s Salzburg Semester program since the 1960’s. Housed in our U of R facility in Salzburg, Austria, where students live and undertake their coursework, this program is led by our Resident Director who guides our local faculty and Salzburg Fellow (a U of R faculty member from the home campus who rotates each semester).  And consider Salzburg Semester Plus 1 – Students who have enrolled in the Salzburg Semester program are permitted to study abroad for a second semester with a program from among our A or B list offerings.  

You can review all of our options for semester-long study here.  But make sure that you meet with your academic advisor and staff in the CAS Study Away Office to help you work through your options to find the best fit for you.


General Information and Application Process

Study Away is a serious responsibility.  Before you think about applying for a semester away, make sure that you review our Policies and Handbook to understand our practices as in the College of Arts and Sciences, and think about how you as a student can best take advantage of study away.  Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions too, since you'll have many of the same questions.  That means talking with your academic advisor, but also understanding what some of the challenges of study away might be for you.  And we want you to be safe and healthy while you're away as well!  

And then, make sure you understand the Semester Away Application Process:

STEP ONE: Attend a Study Away Information Sessions, where staff will discuss important topics including approved program opportunities, the online application process and timeline, financial aid, and general policies and procedures. 

STEP TWO: Complete the University of Redlands study away application through the online portal in advance of the December 9th deadline (no exceptions). Access the online portal here. They should research options in advance and solicit guidance from their Academic Advisors and the Study Away Office to find a program that best fits their academic interests. 

There is a $40 application fee that will be added directly to student accounts.

STEP THREE: Once accepted, all students must complete U of R's post-acceptance requirements on the online portal, which includes completion of the Medical Form. This will also include specific directions for next steps students must then complete. For students applying to partner programs, they must then complete program-specific applications. 

Program Specific Deadlines:

Fall 2021: February 15, 2021 (a few programs may have an earlier deadline)

Spring 2022: July 10, 2021

STEP FOUR: Confirm program specific acceptance to the Study Away Office via email upon being informed by the provider program. Send this email to Melissa Modesitt, Study Away Program Coordinator, at

Full Year Abroad: All undergraduate students are eligible for a single semester of study abroad as part of their University of Redlands education. A limited number of students interested in study abroad for a full academic year (not calendar year) are competitively selected for year awards. Interested students must answer yes to the related question when prompted in completing the online study abroad application and then write an essay in which they develop an exceptionally strong academic rationale for a full year abroad. A committee composed of University of Redlands faculty and administrators convene to select applicants on a competitive basis, if and when warranted.

Finally, consider how the University of Redlands students pay for their study away experience and what sorts of scholarships are available.

Financing your Study Away Experience

While it can be a challenge to support the additional costs associated with study abroad such as airfare, visa and residency permits, local transportation, and personal expenses, U of R’s favorable cost structure for off-campus study in addition to select scholarships and even creative financing can go a long way toward mitigating and even eliminating any cost differences compared to a regular semester of on campus study.

The University of Redlands has long maintained a regular on-campus semester fee structure for CAS undergraduate students who study abroad for an academic term. This financial structure is an equity based model which maximizes the possibility of all students electing to spend a semester living and learning away from campus and in a distinct culture.

A student’s financial aid arrangement does not vary in the semester that the student is studying off-campus. The one potential difference is with room and board as students are charged at the rate of a standard meal plan and standard on-campus accommodations during the semester that they are abroad. In turn, the university provides for the student’s study abroad program cost for room and board. 

Students will be billed for their semester abroad via their MyRedlands accounts. They are billed at the same time as all students registering for the subsequent term and are required to make full payment or enter into a payment plan by established university wide dates.

While all need and merit based scholarships apply, students should be sure to contact the Student Financial Services office to discuss any possible adjustments to their financial aid as each student’s circumstance differs.

U of R Semester Fees

Included in each students U of R Semester fees that they will be billed through student accounts in the semester that they are abroad are:

  • U of R Tuition/Fees: These are based on full-time enrollment. Students are not permitted course overloads during their semester abroad.
  • Room and Board: On-campus standard double room and standard board at U of R rates.
  • ASUR Fee
  • Mandatory international insurance: Certain programs include a mandatory insurance for which students are billed. When this insurance is not included, the U of R study abroad office enrolls students in a supplementary international insurance that is included on a student’s account. Some countries, such as Australia and Japan, have additional mandatory national health insurance in which students must enroll and make separate payment.

Additional costs that are not included in the fees:

  • Airfare/transportation: This includes round-trip airfare to the study location and all applicable commuting costs on public transportation during the course of the program, if applicable. Programs may include airport pick-up though students should budget for this.
  • Visa/Residency fees: All national visa fees and all national or local residency fees are also the responsibility of students.
  • Application Fees: U of R charges a $40 per student fee to apply for study abroad. This charge is levied upon students submitting a U of R Study Abroad online application. Students are also responsible for any additional partner university or program application fees.
  • Deposits: Students are responsible for any refundable housing deposits required.

Personal and Discretionary Expenses:

  • Withdrawal Fees: Any withdrawal fees and/or non-recoverable expenses due to student withdrawal after submitting the application will be passed along to students. 

Students are encouraged to research all prospective scholarships and financial support including opportunities listed below:

University of Redlands CAS Study Away Travel Grants

Created as the result of U of R alumni donations for the express purpose of making study abroad more viable for all CAS student, the scholarship provides for additional expenses related to the off-campus program including airfare to and from the study location, local transportation, textbooks/materials, visas and registration costs, and other program related travel.  Learn more about the U of R CAS Study Away Travel Grants here.

Scholars through our exchange partners 

Awards range from $1,000-$2,000 per recipient.

University of Canterbury Scholarship. One to two scholarships per academic year awarded to U of R students for study at Canterbury, in New Zealand, on the basis of our institutional partnership.  

University of Bristol Scholarship. One to two scholarships per academic year to U of R students for study at Bristol, in England, on the basis of our institutional partnership. 

Tuskegee Semester Scholarship. One to two scholarships per academic year to U of R students for a semester of study at Tuskegee University. 

3 Corners Scholarship. Up to three scholarships may be awarded. These scholarships are to support a semester of study at an approved U of R program that appears on the online application portal. Created to support study in non-traditional locations including a focus on language study, programs must be located in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, or Asia.  

Partner Organization Scholarships

Our core study abroad partner organizations offer a variety of need and merit based scholarships including IES, SIT, CIEE, SFS, DIS, SACI, CET, Arcadia, HECUA.

Benjamin Gilman Scholarship

Offered by the US State Department for students with financial need. Students must be US citizens and Pell Grant recipients at the time of their abroad program to be eligible. For details: Benjamin Gilman Scholarship 

Boren Scholarship

This scholarship is an initiative of the federal government’s National Security Education Program and designed for undergraduate students to study less commonly taught languages in regions underrepresented as study abroad destinations. It is geared towards students broadly interested in national security issues and requires a one-year work commitment in the federal government for a minimum of one year after graduation. For details: Boren Scholarship

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) Scholarship

The mission of the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) is to provide scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented among the U.S. study abroad population. FEA makes life-changing, international experiences accessible to all by supporting minority, community college, and first-generation college students before, during, and after they participate in education abroad programs. For details: FEA


The Freeman Foundation provides scholarships for US citizens/permanent US residents who have financial need and are undergraduate students to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. For details: Freeman-Asia Scholarship

Critical Language Scholarship

This U.S. government sponsored and funded program is for intensive overseas study of what the State Department considers a critical language, which currently includes Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Swahili and Hindi among other languages. For details: Critical Language Scholarship

Other Scholarship Links:

Diversity Abroad Scholarship

U of R student financial services scholarship database

Resources for Faculty

Faculty have two main ways of participating in study away in CAS.  First, they can apply to be a Salzburg Fellow, allowing them to teach at our international campus. Click here to apply for that opportunity.  Application deadline for the fall 2022 and spring 2023 Salzburg Fellows positions is November 2, 2020.

Second, they can offer a May Term travel course. This process begins during the academic year prior to the planned May Term because of curricular development timelines and the needs to establish and review relationships with partners overseas. Applications for May Term travel courses can be found here. Applications are due March 31st the year prior to the May Term travel course. May Term travel courses must also be approved by Curriculum committees (click here for the Curriculum Committee application).

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. the CAS Study Away Office will host a virtual information session for faculty that will cover how to develop a May Term Travel Course, how to use the new online application system and upcoming deadlines. The virtual session will be held here.

Please note the application process to teach a May Term travel course in Salzburg is a separate process. The application can be found here; applications for May Term 2023 are due November 2, 2020.

When faculty members offer May Term courses, they need to bear in mind our recommendations for risk management (including STEP registration, emergency protocols, student mental health, and the like) as well as how they can best support student learning overseas, especially given cultural differences.  We offer annual trainings for faculty on these important elements of their responsibility when they teach May Term.

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