Full payment is due upon receipt of application.

A ten-percent discount is available for families with two or more children enrolled in the camp.

Refund Policy
No refunds will be made after July 1, 2020.

Code of Conduct
Downloadable Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that the camp experience is safe and enjoyable, we require all campers to abide by a strict code of conduct. Lack of adherence to these policies constitutes grounds for expulsion.

  1. The use or possession of fireworks, firearms, ammunitions, any dangerous ordnance or weapons of any kind is strictly prohibited.

  2. Substance Abuse Policy

    • All campers are required to refrain from smoking at any time during camp.

    • Use of non-prescription medications or legally prohibited drugs including alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  3. Campus Departure Policy

    • Campers under the age of 18 may not leave the campus during camp hours without written parental permission and consent of the Executive Director or Acting Administrator.

      • Camp hours are 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday to Friday for Day Camp Students.

    • If someone other than the student's parent/guardian picks up a camper under the age of 18, the parent/guardian must sign a written consent waiver authorizing that person to pick up the student.

  4. All campers are required to refrain from the use of obscene language at anytime during camp.

  5. All campers are to be at the scheduled place at the scheduled time. No one may leave the group without a camp appointed chaperone.

  6. Campers are expected to follow the instructions of camp faculty, counselors, and camp aides.

  7. Campers are expected to abide by all camp rules and policies.

Serious Offense:
Certain types of conduct are considered so serious that, depending on the circumstances, they will result in immediate expulsion. Serious offenses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conduct that could result in injury or loss of life, limb, or property

  • Impairment of University of Redlands Piano Camp operations

  • Willful, malicious, or serious disregard of University of Redlands Piano Camp policies or rules

  • Deliberate damage to University of Redlands property or the property of another

  • Theft

  • Disruptive or harassing conduct such as the use of or threat of violence, horseplay, practical jokes, and physical abuse

  • Bringing or being in possession of a weapon or other dangerous device on University of Redlands property

  • A violation of the University of Redlands Piano Camp substance abuse policy

Dress Code:
Campers' dress and grooming are the responsibility of the camper.

  • Campers will not be permitted to wear clothing styles and/or jewelry that are disruptive, detrimental or injurious to the purpose of the educational program of the camp.

  • Clothing that does not adequately cover the body or allows undergarments to be shown is considered inappropriate dress; this includes "sagging" of pants and bare midriffs.

  • Any clothing that advertises or promotes alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, violence, and obscene or questionable language, is not permitted.

Failure to abide by this code of conduct may result in the immediate expulsion from camp. If you are expelled from camp for non-compliance to any of these rules, your parents/guardians will be notified and will be responsible for the inconvenience and expense of your immediate retrieval.

Student Discipline Policy

The University of Redlands Summer Piano Camp follows a progressive discipline policy based on the severity of the action by a student. Violation of camp policy and/or code of conduct will result in one of the following actions:

  1. Warning for code of conduct violation

  2. Parent conference for repeated code of conduct violation

  3. Expulsion for code of conduct violation after parent conference or committing a serious offense

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