Stephanie Lovell is an adjunct faculty at the University of Redlands where she serves as staff accompanist, professor of Music Theory and instructor in the Community School of Music and the Arts. She is in demand as a collaborative performer in the Inland Empire and in Los Angeles and Orange County. In addition to helping emerging artists in their musical journeys, Mrs. Lovell has had opportunity to collaborate with internationally renowned musicians such as Arturo Delmoni, Liviu Varcol, Randy Hawes, and Gene Pokorny. Born to missionary parents in Japan, Stephanie Lovell received her early musical training there, then later entered the University of Redlands to study with Louanne Fuchs Long, under whose tutelage she completed two degrees, graduating summa cum laude. During her university years, she won several competitions, including the prestigious Joanna Hodges International Piano Conference and Competition in which she was a four-time winner. She was also privileged to solo with orchestras in the Inland Empire. An exercising and hiking enthusiast, Stephanie tries to balance her professional life with outdoor activities. She and her husband, Lars, enjoy entertaining and sharing good food and conversation around the table.