Checkout an Instrument

Instrument Checkout Procedure

  1. To check out an instrument, you must fill out and submit the Musical Instrument Checkout Form located on the School of Music website under Documents and Forms. An approval email from your instructor or ensemble director is also required to be sent to
  2. You will be notified, via email, by the Stage and Equipment Coordinator (SEC) Michael Raco-Rands (, when the instrument is ready to pick up at the music office. When picking up the instrument, you will sign a printed copy of the Instrument Checkout Form and receive a copy for your records.

Instrument Checkout Policies

  1. Returned instruments, attachments, mouthpieces and accessories will be checked for damages. Using the instrument checkout form, the SEC will sign off to verify that the instrument was returned complete and in good condition, whereupon you will get a copy of the signed checkout sheet for your records. Until this form is signed off, you are responsible for the instrument.
    1. Do not give the instrument to another student. In the event you do give it to another student, you are still responsible.
    2. If your teacher tells you to give the instrument to another student, and you do, you are still responsible.
    3. If you take an instrument for repairs, you are still responsible for it (see page 6 of the Student Handbook for more information).
    4. If you leave your instrument in the music office without checking it in, you will still be responsible for it.
  2. If the instrument is not returned by the time specified on the sheet, you may be responsible for the cost of the instrument. If you need to use the instrument past the date specified on the Instrument Checkout Form, contact the SEC on or before the date. There will be a $5.00 per week fee for instruments not turned in on time as specified on the completed Instrument Checkout Form.
  3. Damaged instruments need to be turned in to the SEC. The SEC will coordinate the repair of the instrument. If needed, and available, a replacement instrument will be provided.
  4. In some cases you may be asked to turn in the instrument before the time noted on the Instrument Checkout Form. Please do so promptly after being contacted by the SEC.
  5. Instruments used in the Instrument Technique classes will be checked out as follows:
    1. The SEC will attend the first session of all tech classes and assign instruments.
    2. If instruments are to be switched during the semester, the SEC will attend the class to make (and log) the instrument switches.
    3. The SEC will attend the final class and check the instruments back in.
    4. In the event that a student misses one of these sessions, they can make an appointment with the SEC, during designated hours to check out an instrument.
    5. There will be a class-specific checkout form (strings, woodwind and brass). The instrument checkout policy referred to in the form will appear in the class syllabus.
    6. In the event there are not enough instruments for a class, the SEC will coordinate rental or purchase of instruments for the class. Rentals will be checked out using the same procedures as stated above.

Designated Instrument Checkout Appointment Hours:

Monday 10 am - 12 pm, Wednesday 2 pm – 4 pm.


Please check this box to indicate you have read, and understand, the Instrument Checkout Procedure and Policies detailed above

The University of Redlands-School of Music

Received from the University of Redlands through the School of Music

In consideration of the loan and delivery to me of the above described instrument and attachments. I hereby explicitly make myself responsible, immediately upon your request or on expiration of the period and purpose for which such loan was made at your option, to return to you through the current Property Manager or other designate of the School of Music the instrument and attachments above described, in the same condition as when received, except for the reasonable wear or deterioration incident to the prudent due and custody thereof for the purpose intended, as stated below; and I do further hereby explicitly promise and agree to pay you through the School of Music, promptly and in full for (a) any and all damage to the instrument and/or attachments, or consequential full cost or repair thereof as determined by the Property Manager or other individual formally designated for the purpose; (b) for loss, theft, larceny, embezzlement, or disappearance (explained or unexplained) thereof or any part thereof, using the value above stated as the basis for financial restitution.

I further agree that the instrument and attachments shall be used only in preparation for and playing in University ensembles, for University of Redlands classes, or for individual study, rehearsal or practice by me.

In the event of loss, theft, or disappearance of the instrument and/or attachments, I understand that I shall have the option to make prompt payment in connection therewith as above provided, or promptly to substitute attachments of a type and quality approved by the Property Manager or some other member of the faculty of the School of Music formally designated for that purpose. The title to such substitute(s) shall be free and unimpaired, the same shall have been fully paid for prior to delivery to you, and full legal ownership thereof shall vest in you upon delivery as aforesaid.

I acknowledge that the instrument and attachments are necessities in my pursuit of a collegiate education.