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Returning to Cuba: Students Experience a Culture of Mutual Aid

Study Away courses explore, examine, and understand current issues related to culture and globalization utilizing socially-situated theoretical perspectives in framing approaches to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  Returning once more to a Study Away opportunity in Cuba, students reflect on the experience and what they will take back from their time abroad. 

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The Graduate Student Association Combines Advocacy and Action

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) provides graduate students in the School of Education the opportunity to move their passion for educational justice into action. This student-led organization was founded by graduate students in 2020 to amplify student voices within the University of Redlands. The mission of GSA focuses on three tenets: advocacy, collaboration, and communication. GSA President Wendy McClung ‘23 shares her experience serving on the GSA Cabinet for the last two years.

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All in the Family- Two sisters journey through the School of Education

Sandra Garibay ’23 and Nery Garibay ’21 are two sisters who both are pursuing and pursued programs within the School of Education. Though navigating two different programs, both of them wanted to give back to current School of Education Bulldogs by providing some words of wisdom for those currently in their programs.

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