Rochford Leadership Development Program Overview

The overarching aim of the Rochford Leadership Development Program (RLDP) is to build the capacity of leaders in the Redlands Community so they can transform the lives of youth.  Through a 10-month leadership development experience, current and emerging leaders in Redlands will build stronger leadership skills, self-reflective practice, and a service orientation. By working with community leaders to enhance their leadership skills, we extend the impact of the Rochford College Access Program and transform services for Redlands’ youth. 

The ongoing goal: Increase skills of education and community leaders to help advance a college-going culture in our schools and improve opportunities for youth. (From initial funding proposal)

Program objectives:
1. Participants will become more self-reflective leaders, aware of their own strengths and challenges;
2. Participants will build specific leadership skills aimed at assessing and improving organizational health;
3. Participants will have a greater understanding of systems and organizations that serve P-20 students in Redlands, CA.

Program overview:
Participants will engage in a ten-month program during which they will meet for one Saturday each month to discuss a new leadership topic. Participants will prepare for each session by completing readings, activities, and assessments of their own leadership style and/or context.  In each session, participants will engage in discussions, kinetic learning activities, apply learning to case studies (both assigned and those that come from their own practice), and engage with leaders from across the city of Redlands. 

  • Program sessions will be held in locations that specifically relate to the session topic.  Topics will include: 
    Personal leadership style: identification of strengths, weaknesses, and approaches; setting goals for growth (2 sessions)
  • Contextual leadership: team leadership, diversity, and politics
  • Relational leadership: communication
  • Inspirational leadership: leading an organization
  • Supportive leadership: strategic planning
  • Responsible leadership: personal values v. organizational values
  • Leading for change

The final meeting will be a banquet and celebration.