Ken and Lynn Hall Network for Innovation in Public Policy

The Hall Network will leverage existing capacity including, but not limited to: public policy in the U of R's College of Arts and Sciences, alumni working in policy, the University's Center for Spatial Studies, doctoral students, and visiting experts. 

 Vision:  To create an organization that enhances existing and builds new capacity to explore contemporary issues related to public policy at the University of Redlands. Specifically, the network should increase scholarly output, external funding, campus intellectual life, student engagement, and University involvement in issues of policy.

Mission:  Provide leadership, resources, and connections among existing policy activities of the University for the purpose of building a community that enhances scholarship, creates structure and support for external funding, brings visiting experts to the University, and engages students across the schools in contemporary public issues. The activities of the Hall Network should bring together resources of the University to influence local, regional, state, and national discussion of policy.


The Hall Network is proud to bring the following opportunities to the University of Redlands Community:
*Speaker Series     *Scholarly Seed Grant     *Student Internships