Most of our programs have a fieldwork component. Required fieldwork hours and assignments will vary by program. 

School Counseling Fieldwork

School Counseling students complete fieldwork requirements by registering in EDUC 677 Supervised Fieldwork in Counseling and must complete submit an Advance to Fieldwork Application by the stated deadline.


Students in the School Counseling program must complete 400 of their required 600 hours in two different K-12 levels (which is the state requirement for the PPS Credential). 


Students who choose to take the College Counseling emphasis will conduct 400 hours of fieldwork hours; 200 in a college setting(s); 200 in a high school or high school-to-college setting transition setting(s). 


Students who choose both the K–12 and the College Counseling emphasis must participate in 600 hours of fieldwork; 400 hours must be completed in two different K–12 levels (which is the requirement for the PPS credential) and 200 hours in a college or high school-to-college transition setting.

All School Counseling students are required to pass the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE). 

Student Forms:
Advance to Fieldwork Form (Application)
Counseling Graduate Fieldwork Assignment Form (MA School Counseling and PPS Public School hours)
Fieldwork Placement Supervision Agreement (MA College Counseling and Non-PPS hours)
List of Suggested Field Placement Experiences 
Fieldwork Placement Log Sample
Fieldwork Placement Log - Electronic Version
Fieldwork Placement Log - Printable Version
Field Placement Requirements (from Fall 2016 Handbook)
Supervisor Forms:
On-Site Supervisor Counseling Fieldwork Student Evaluation Form
University Supervisor Counseling Fieldwork Supervision Form


Higher Education Fieldwork

Students are eligible to accrue up to 3 credits by completing 120 fieldwork hours. Students may be eligible to accumulate 1 credit for every 40 fieldwork hours by registering for EDUC 666 Fieldwork in Higher Education. 
Student Forms:

Fieldwork Information Form

EDUC 666 Syllabus
Advance to Fieldwork Forms (Application)
Fieldwork Practicum Agreement Form
Supervisor Forms:
On-Site and University Supervisor Higher Education Student Affairs Student Evaluation Form


Graduate Assistant Opportunities

Graduate Assistant positions will vary depending on placement. Each position is 10 hours a week/$15 an hour. 

Graduate Assistant Openings