Education Echo September 2016

Half of a Million Dollars and Two Years

The California Education Mathematics and Science Professional Learning Initiative (CEMSPLI) has awarded half of a million dollar grant to an initiative titled Transforming Lives: the Mathematics Leadership Institute. The grant effort is a partnership between University of Redlands, Moreno Valley Unified School District, Riverside County Office of Education, the UCLA Curtis Center, and the National Association of Elementary School Principals. The partnership, lead by Dr. Jose Lalas and Deepika Srivastava, will be spending two years helping to change the culture of trepidation around learning, teaching, and exploring mathematics.




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Partnerships Help Foster Youth Shine 

By: Angela Clark-Taylor and Carol Ann Franklin

The University of Redlands School of Education (SOE) prides itself on educating students to make an impact by promoting equity and justice in education. SOE prepares students to be leaders in their field and creates innovative opportunities for them to become immersed in their learning. One way the School of Education merges these goals is through community engaged experiential learning, more commonly known as service learning.

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Mental Health Awareness: Visible and Fashionable

 Dr. Janee Both-Gragg incorporated the ribbon color lime green into her wardrobe for 31 days for Mental Health Awareness month. She hoped to be a change agent by starting a conversation about stigma. After all, everyone has mental health, and half of the population of the United States will have a mental health challenge at some point in their life.

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Redefining the Ideals of College Life

By: Dalyn Montgomery 

J.C. Leyendecker, the illustrator who preceded Norman Rockwell at the Saturday Evening Post, was well known for his elegant images depicting a romanticized image of collegiate life. He painted majestic young white men playing football, rowing, and graduating. I have always loved his imagery, the line work and panache, but he painted in the very early 20th century and his work reflected those times. The ideals are not, nor should they be, those of today. I wanted to paint something that paid homage to the artist, but reflected a more modern vision. My version of the graduate is that ideal: honors around her neck, degree in one hand, the world in the other, proud, regal, brown, a woman.

2nd Annual Better Together California Teachers Summit

On July 29, teachers gathered to attend the second annual Better Together: California Teachers Summit, a unique day of learning led by teachers, for teachers. The summit brought together teachers at 38 locations across the state to share ideas, join a teacher network, and learn effective strategies for implementing the new California Standards in their classrooms. The University of Redlands together with the Corona-Norco Unified School District hosted at Lee V. Pollard High School.