Education Echo September 2017

The School of Education welcomes four new faculty members

Mikela Bjork

Department of Teaching & Learning

 As a teacher of pre and in-service special education teachers, I see my job as multifaceted; it is equally as important for my students to learn about best practices, special education policy, and universal design for learning, just as much as it is important for them to engage in self-reflexive practices, willing to remain alert to their own biases and privileges that inform their every day interactions with their students and colleagues.

Brian Charest

Department of Teaching & Learning

I see the classroom as a space of possibility, tension, hope, joy, and discovery. I’m driven by the possibility of a better world where we can create spaces for people to come together to identify and pursue questions that matter to them. I believe teaching is the art of seeing and supporting the full humanity of others. Teaching is an ethical and intellectual project that requires us to ask questions and continue to search with others.

Ann Blankenship-Knox

Department of Leadership & Higher Education

My main instructional goal is to inspire students to ask "why?"  I want students to really interrogate their own assumptions and how they interact with the world and the institutional systems of which they are a part. So often in education, and in life, we get stuck in a rut, doing things the way they've always been done.  Sometimes that's because it is actually the best way but often it's because we haven't critically examined "the why".

Tamara Tribitt

Department of Counseling and Human Services

As a counselor educator, I hope to facilitate learning regarding the ‘how to’ of being a counselor while offering an opportunity for students to develop a sense of self through the use of a relational-based classroom and a focus on social justice.

Keep the Classroom Focused on Learning


Dr. Pauline Reynolds, Chair of the Department of Leadership and Higher Education, talks about committing to your program by working hard and exercising good study habits.

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Rite of passage

We are pleased to announce that the School of Education has established a student conference fund. As a school, we strive to provide experiences that will better prepare our students in the fields of education and counseling. Networking and professional affiliations are vital to socially conscious initiatives. We believe that investing in our students will not only increase competencies, but will increase the collective knowledge of education. Sara DeMoss and Sophie Vogel, two of last year's award recipients, share their experience attending professional conferences.

"Attending conferences, as a student and practitioner in higher education, has benefited me professionally and academically"-Sara DeMoss
"Attending presentations by colleagues and experts in my area of interest as well as struggling through my nerves and anxiety about my first academic presentation at ASHE was an extremely powerful and valuable experience"-Sophie Vogel

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San Bernardino artist Ivan Preciado created a mural for the ACTW Vibe festival, titled Refine. Refine is a five-panel street art mural exploring the intersections between creativity, education and wellbeing. Refine will go on tour as a traveling exhibition to eight (8) selected high schools throughout San Bernardino and Riverside counties beginning in January of 2018. Each school will have the opportunity to display the mural for a period of up to 6 weeks with the goal of forging enhanced connections among and between students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and community partners. 

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